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Dr. “D” Plans To Continue Practice Here

By Jack Gurner

WATER VALLEY – Marko Milicevic believes his hometown is the best place in the world and he and his Mom, Dr. Dragica “D.” Milicevic, have no plans to leave.

Marko’s father, Dr. Bojan “Bo” Milicevic, died Nov. 19 after losing his battle with cancer. The death of Dr. Bo was a blow to the community and rumors began to circulate that his wife, Dr. D, might not be able to remain in this country.

“Bo wanted me to stay and continue his practice,” Dr. D said, “and, I will try to do that.”

The Milicevics came here in 2000 under a program that allowed physicians from Serbia to find positions in medically underserved areas with a high percentage of poor population. The physicians can apply for permanent residency after fulfilling a three-year obligation.

“He got his green card in 2004, Dr. D said. “But, I still had to do my obligation. It was done Oct. 4 and I was supposed to get green card.”

A green card or US Permanent Resident Card is an identification card attesting the permanent resident status of an alien.

Because the couple were trying to work within the law, the death of Dr. Bo complicated the citizenship procedure for Dr. D. She was told by an attorney with the firm of Robert Lubin & Associates, P.C., of Herndon, Virginia, specialists in the field of immigration law, that she was in a worse position than every alien in this country illegally.

“They count me like I am not in United States even though I am. This is kind of sticky situation,” she commented.

Yalobusha General Hospital Administrator Terry Varner said, “We’re going to help her stay as long as she wants.”

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