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When Does Beer Become Legal To Possess

The rumors are flying in Yalobusha County. When does it become legal to possess beer and light wine is a topic of discussion all over.

The Herald contacted the Mississippi Tax Commission and according to spokesperson Kathy Waterbury, Yalobusha County will become a wet county as soon as the election results are certified and received at the Tax Commission in Jackson. That should occur on Friday. The certified results are expected to go by overnight courier.

In other words, the possession, transporting and consumption of beer and light wine will be legal after the results are received at the State Tax Commission. Actual sales by retailers will not begin until a state licensing process is completed. Restaurants offering beer for consumption, also must go through a strict licensing.

Waterbury said that the licensing process for retailers takes approximately 30 days or so. Initially beer and light wine sales will fall under state guidelines until local regulations are adopted by city and county officials.

The state provides a .PDF file of the “Beer Laws” which you can download by clicking here: – Beer Laws –

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