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This Bud Is One For The Record Book

Don Simoneaux, leader of the Sprint Mart Water Valley store, displays the first six-pack legally sold in Yalobusha County since 1937.

WATER VALLEY – The first beer legally sold in Yalobusha County since it was voted out in 1937 came from the Water Valley Sprint Mart on Main Street. The store was the first to have distributors unloading early Wednesday morning.

The first six-pack was purchased by the North Mississippi Herald and the dated receipt will be kept for historical purpose.

The store received 595 cases of beer during the first two days of sales, according to Tammy Maclin, 2nd assistant leader for the store. Sales the first day were $1700, she added.

“You can’t get through here,” she said, commenting on the amount of beer in the store.

It has always been rumored that beer could be purchased illegally at some places in the county in the years since the 1937 vote to outlaw sales.

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