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Sheriff Responds To Store Closing Rumors

Sheriff Lance Humphreys responded to recent rumors that his department had closed Sylva Rena Grocery and Bait for violating the county¹s beer ordinance.

    Humphreys said he cited store owner John Crawford for violating the new ordinance.

    The sheriff said he received numerous complaints Friday before making the visit. The county¹s new ordinance spells out that a store owner may not sell or store beer if it is located within 300 feet of the church.

    “We measured and the store was closer than 300 feet from Sylva Rena Baptist Church,” Humphreys said.

    After the citation was issued, Humphreys said that Crawford spelled out plans to close his store until after Christmas.

    “That was his choice,” Humphreys said.

    Humphreys said that Crawford had obtained a permit from the State Tax Commission to sell beer in the state, however he had not obtained a permit from the county.

    Humphreys said he did not seize the beer.

    “My job is not to make the law, but to enforce the law,” Humphreys said. “That is what Yalobushians elected to me do.”

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