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City Beer Ordinance Kicks In Saturday, Jan 19

    Water Valley Police worked Friday visiting beer retailers in the city to inform them that cold beer cold no longer could be sold after next Friday, January 18.

    The town’s new ordinance, which was approved by aldermen on December 18, will take effect at 12:01 a.m. on January 19, according to Water Valley Mayor Bill Norris.

    “Six days, hot, none on Sunday,” Norris said, summing up the new beer regulations.

    Beer sales began in Water Valley and in the county on Wednesday, December 19, just over a week after Yalobushians voted overwhelming to legalize beer and light wine on December 11.

    Beer retailers in Water Valley have operated under state law since sales began on December 19. State law allows cold beer sales seven days a week.

    “We have made contact with them (beer retailers),” Water Valley Police Chief Mike King reported. “We gave them copies of the ordinance,” King continued.

    The city’s new ordinance will also affect at least one restaurant which has been operating under a state license for on-premises consumption.

    Owner/operator of The Dunn Family Steak House, Gene Dunn, was warned by police officers that this business was less than 250 feet from the North Main Street Methodist Church, and could not offer beer to its customers when the ordinance takes effect next week.

    “He has been measured,” King said Friday. The chief reported that the steakhouse is approximately 160 feet from the church.

    Dunn said that he hopes to work with city officials to be able to sell beer at his location.

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