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Injured Motorist Flees Ambulance, Leaves Scene In Wrecked Vehicle

Yalobusha County Chief Deputy Jerry Ferguson and reserve deputy Stu Holliday transport Cody Britt to the county jail Monday afternoon. – Photo by Jack Gurner

By David Howell

    A Monday afternoon automobile accident took a bizarre twist after the victim fled the scene when he learned law enforcement was responding.

    After allegedly crashing his car on Hwy. 32, Cody Britt was receiving medical attention from Yalobusha Hospital paramedics in an ambulance when he heard over the radio that deputies were on their way.

    “He told them he could not wait on the law, jumped back into his wrecked car and took off,” Sheriff Lance Humphreys said about the incident.

    Traveling on two flats, Britt took to county roads with the ambulance and a Mississippi Department of Transportation work vehicle trailing at a safe distance.

    “Car parts were flying, as he drove,” Humphreys reported. “He went several miles on two flats.”

    Britt was apprehended on County Road 277 by Chief Deputy Jerry Ferguson, who was first on the scene.

    “He asked me ‘where are the cops,’” Ferguson said.

    At presstime Tuesday, Britt, age 20, remained incarcerated in the Yalobusha County Jail. Humphreys said he also faces charges from the Water Valley Police Department from an incident that allegedly occurred the same afternoon.

    In other county law enforcement news:

    An altercation on Redbud Street in Oakland led to a shootout, with one man arrested, according to Humphreys.

    Allen McMinney was charged with shooting into a dwelling after he allegedly stopped outside a residence, pulled out a pistol and fired off some rounds.

    The occupant also retrieved a gun, walked outside and began firing back,” Humphreys said.

    “There were numerous shots fired, and some were very close,” the sheriff continued. “Thankfully no one was injured.

    A dispute over a cell phone was the source of incident. Humphreys said his department back up the Oakland Police Department.

    • Worked a burglary on County Road 169 after an thief gained entry using a window. A gold chain was taken from the home, according to Humphreys.         “We do have a possible suspect,” the sheriff said.

    • Responded to a disturbing the peace call at Long Branch after a motorist allegedly told a camper that he would have to leave.

    “They were arguing about a campsite,” Humphreys said.

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