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Law Enforcement Report

Constable Randy Simmons and Water Valley Police Officer Perry Goodwin check the credentials of an ATM technician.

By David Howell


TILLATOBA –    A Tallahatchie County man faces charges after allegedly shooting into two vehicles last Friday night in what is being described as a domestic dispute.

    Davlyn Ross, 33, faces two counts of aggravated assault, according to Sheriff Lance Humphreys.

    The first call came in at 7:28, the sheriff stated, and another 911 call soon followed.

    “Both of the calls were in the same vicinity,” Humphreys said, one on County Road 9 and the second on County Road 10 near Tillatoba.

    Four deputies responded, including Chief Deputy Jerry Ferguson who reported two deputies went to one road while two others went to the second area where the shots had been fire.

    “At County Road 10 we found an assortment of spent ammo in the road,” Ferguson said. The spent cartridges had been fired from guns ranging from a pistol to a rifle, the Chief Deputy stated.

    The driver of one of the vehicles also sustained minor injuries when a round struck the front of his truck, traveling through the cab compartment and lodging in the back cab. Shrapnel from the bullet grazed the driver’s ankle.

    Humphreys said that an investigation revealed that Ross had allegedly left his wife’s residence with a child, and had been followed by one of his wife’s friends – an action which could have triggered the shooting.

    Ross turned himself in to Tallahatchie County authorities several hours after the incidents. A Yalobusha deputy picked him up and transported him to the Yalobusha County Jail.

    Ross is currently out of jail on bond.

    In other law enforcement news, Humphreys reported:

    • A 45-foot trailer loaded with 38,000 pounds of aluminum inglets was stolen from the parking lot adjacent to the Exxon gas station on the south end of Water Valley. The trailer was left in the parking lot on January 18, according to Humphreys.

    • Received a report of mail tampering.

    • Received a report of grand larceny on County Road 297 near Water Valley on January 20. In this incident a canoe, fossil watch, china and other items were reported missing.

    • Responded to a disturbance of the family on County Road 25.

    • Answered an animal-related call on County Road 222.

    • Responded to a domestic violence call on County Road 432.


Bank Worker Accidentally Trips Alarm,
Receives Prompt Attention From Water Valley Police

by Jack Gurner

Water Valley Police responded to a silent alarm call from Regions Bank at 7:03 p.m. Monday. A repair technician working on the bank’s automatic teller machine triggered the alarm, according to Kim Wallis, branch manager for Regions.

The technician was apparently unaware that he had set off the alarm and left the bank traveling south on Central Street in a white van. Two police units assisted by Constable Randy Simmons stopped the vehicle on Main Street. After the technician identified himself, he was allowed to leave.

In other police activity, Police Lt. Rick McCuan reported the following additional activity in the Water Valley City limits during the past two weeks:

• Made six arrests for driving under suspension;

• Made four arrests for DUI, first offense;

• Made an arrest for DUI, first offense and possession of marijuana;

• Made an arrest for simple domestic assault;

• Made an arrest for illegal use of a debit card;

• Made an arrest for disorderly conduct;

• Made an arrest for disturbance of the family;

• Made an arrest for Calhoun County authorities on a justice court warrant;

• Took a report of simple domestic assault;

• Took a report of simple assault;

• Took a report of grand larceny at a vacant house on Leland St.;

• Took a report of petty larceny;

• Took two reports of telephone profanity;

• Took a report of disturbance of the family;

• Issued a citation for littering;

• Investigated two traffic crashes;

• Issued 71 traffic tickets.

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