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In an effort to keep the public informed about matters that effect our area, the Herald encourages readers to submit questions via e-mail, U.S. mail or written questions can be dropped off at the office. E-mail your questions to or mail them to P.O. Box 648. Each week, questions will be published in the newspaper and will also be posted online at

The first question for this week:

The elected officials from the city of Water Valley supposedly modeled the beer ordinances directly from Oxford.  That is what City Attorney Burns claimed he would present to the Aldermen (as printed in the Herald).  Would the Herald please publish the areas that are the same, and the areas that are different?

To set the record straight, this is what appeared in the Herald story: City Attorney (David) Burns explained that he had looked at the ordinances of other municipalities including Oxford and Starkville to see “how they were addressing these issues.”

So, it wasn’t just the Oxford ordinances after which Water Valley laws are modeled.

Question two:

What is the salary for the new EDA director?

The new YCEDD (it’s call Yalobusha County Economic Development District) director, Bob Tyler, is paid $3,000 a month, according to Vice-Chairman Eddie Ray. Supervisors appropriated $60,000 to fund the economic district in the 2007-2008 fiscal year.

Question three:

How does Sprint Mart get to sell beer when it is right across from First United Methodist Church?  Sylva Rena Grocery can’t sell it because it is close to Sylva Rena Church.  Also Dunn’s Steakhouse can’t sell because they are close to North Main Church.  So, why is Sprint Mart any different?  Just wondering.

This gets complicated since there are different sections of both the city ordinance and the county ordinance that cover these businesses. Sprint Mart is selling beer and light wine for off-premises consumption under city guidelines that require a 100 foot distance from the church property line to the nearest point of the building. Sprint Mart is more than 100 feet from the Methodist Church property line.

Dunn’s Steakhouse is selling for on-premises consumption which requires that their building be 250 feet from the nearest church. In this case, the back corner of the building is closer that allowed to the edge of the church property.

The Sylva Rena Grocery falls under the county ordinance that says they can’t be any closer than 300 feet for either on or off-premises consumption.

Question four:

Could a map of the “beats” of yalobusha county be posted online?

Circuit Clerk Daryl Burney has provided a file which we will post to the Herald website at (There will be a link here when it is posted later.)

Question five:

To all citizens: what type of business would you like to see come to Water Valley?

A good question. Send your thoughts on this to or post them to the website comments section.

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