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You Can’t Get There From Here

S. Kent Howell of Endevco, Inc. looks over the bridge site.

If you are heading north to Lafayette County via the “back way” you can’t get there from here.

A bridge on CR 387 just north of the Yalobusha County line is being replaced with a box culvert. Once demolition begins on the bridge in a few days the road will be closed for possibly two months, according to S. Kent Howell of Endevco, Inc., the firm in charge of the project.

The “back way” is what Yalobusha folks call the route going north on Camp Ground Road (CR 217) which turns into CR 387 once inside Lafayette County. Many travelers use the road to avoid traffic on Hwy. 7 between Water Valley and Oxford.

Local traffic headed north will still be able to turn west onto CR 386 just south of the bridge and traffic headed south can use CR 384 to go east.

Experienced back-road travelers recommend taking old Hwy. 7, now CR 318 (but was once Dogwood Drive) and turning left on CR 386. That will get you back onto CR 387 just north of the bridge.

If all this sounds confusing, you had better just stay on Hwy 7.

– Photo by Jack Gurner

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