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In an effort to keep the public informed about matters that effect our area, the Herald encourages readers to submit questions via e-mail, U.S. mail or written questions can be dropped off at the office. E-mail your questions to or mail them to P.O. Box 648. Each week, questions will be published in the newspaper and will also be posted online at

The first question for this week:

What is the procedure for recalling aldermen and supervisors?  People are fed up with those politicians lack of respect for the citizens’ opinions, as it was expressed overwhelmingly in the local  beer referendum. Is there any way to vote them out of office before their term has expired and before they do any more damage to the town’s economy?

This is covered under state law in section 25-5-7, demand for removal.

The City of Water Valley follows state law in regard to elections, according to Vivian Snider, city clerk.

One of the requirements is a petition signed by at least fifty-one percent of the qualified electors of the beat or district from which they were originally elected.

The law further states: Upon the request of any qualified elector, it shall be the duty of the county and district prosecuting attorney to advise such person as to the provisions of sections 25-5-3 to 25-5-37 and how to comply with the same.

Question two:

Will the March 11 election be an open primary like we’ve had in the past or will the ruling from last year’s  Democratic lawsuit be in effect – allowing only registered Democrats to vote in their primary?

You can vote in any primary, according to Circuit Clerk Daryl Burney. But, you have to choose one party ticket or the other.

In November you can vote for the candidate of your choice in the general election.

Burney also predicts a large turnout for a general election. Voters will be selecting a circuit judge, a congressman and the president.

Upcoming elections include the March 11 primary and the special election for congressman on April 22.

Question three:

 The city’s policy on mobile homes is clear.  Why does one person on Blackmur Dr have to follow the law and there were no consequences when a mobile home was recently moved in on Stephens Street.

The area of Blackmur Drive in question is zoned R1 while Stephens Street is located in an area zoned R-4.

The special single family residential district R-4 was created in order that certain areas within Water Valley may have smaller residential lots and mobile homes, manufactured housing and pre-fabricated housing.

There is a misconception that the zoning laws are restrictive. Not so, according to Colbert Jones, the planning professional who helped the city draft the recent ordinance.

The new laws replaced an outdated ordinance that was put into place 30 years ago.

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