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In an effort to keep the public informed about matters that effect our area, the Herald encourages readers to submit questions via e-mail, U.S. mail or written questions can be dropped off at the office. E-mail your questions to or mail them to P.O. Box 648. Each week, questions will be published in the newspaper and will also be posted online at

The first question for this week:

It has come to my attention that my daughter was at a party (the weekend of Feb. 23-24) at which there was underage drinking. The Water Valley Police were called to the scene and the parent owning the land said it was OK. My question is shouldn’t the parent be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor instead of the kids being charged with illegal possession (the police issued two citations for juvenile in possession of beer in connection with the incident).

Police Chief Mike King said that the fact that they are on the property doesn’t mean the landowner provided the beer. He added that if the parents and the youths want to deliver a statement and testify in court against whoever delivered the alcohol, “then we have a case to pursue.”

Question Two:

I pay most of my bills online. When is the Water Valley Electric Department gong online with computer bill paying.

Joe Newman, manager of the electric department, has looked into electronic bill paying options. However, it isn’t economically feasible for his department at this time. But, he adds that the service will most likely be available in the near future.

Question Three:

How much money do the aldermen and mayor get paid. I understand that when a special meeting is called, the aldermen get extra pay. Is this correct?

The mayor is paid $1200 per month and the aldermen get $425 per month. According to City Clerk Vivian Snider, there is no additional pay for special meetings.

Question Four:

What happened to the stamp machine at the post office?.

According to Postmaster Sherman Hillhouse, there are two reasons why the Postal Service is removing some of its vending equipment.

• The equipment is obsolete, making it difficult or impossible to repair.

• Not enough people are buying stamps from the machine in its current location, which means that it’s not bringing in enough money to pay for the cost of keeping it stocked and maintained.

Question Five:

Who is paying for Founders Day? Is the city spending our tax money on this event?

The city has set aside $1200 which has to cover all city promotions.  Part will be used to award the winners of the city flag and motto contest winners which is part of Founders Day. However, the fund must cover other events such as the Watermelon Carnival.

 All the Founders Day events and entertainment are being funded by sponsors, donations, and local organizations. Water Valley Main Street Association is coordinating the April 19 150th birthday celebration.

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