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Oakland Expands Boundaries In Latest Annexation

By David Howell

OAKLAND – The U.S. Justice Department signed off on an annexation that will expand Oakland’s boundaries to include developer L.J. Lindley’s rental cabins and other businesses.

    This annexation marks the third in less than three decades for Yalobusha’s smallest municipality, each cherry-picking a specific I-55 development.

    “We got this annexation approved in Chancery Court last December,” reported Board Attorney Tommy Reynolds. Chancellor Vicki Cobb heard the case, in which there were no objectors.

    Reynolds, a Water Valley resident, operates a law firm in Charleston, and has served as Oakland’s attorney since 1981. He is also a state representative.

    Chancery Court documents show that Oakland agreed to maintain water lines and provide police protection to the area.

    Reynolds said he received word two weeks ago that the final hurdle, approval from the U.S. Justice Department, had cleared.

    One unusual characteristic of each of the three Oakland annexations is that the Hwy. 32 corridor is the connecting element for the main city limits to the I-55 corridor. The town’s city limits follows the narrow highway right-of-way approximately a mile to the I-55 growth area.

    “This annexation will allow the town to benefit from the development,” Reynolds explained.

    The annexation will allow the Town of Oakland to receive approximately 18 percent of the seven percent sales tax collected from the new businesses that operate in the incorporated area.

    The area encompasses several businesses which charge sales tax.

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