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Law Enforcement Report

Smith – McGee

By David Howell

COFFEEVILLE –  A Coffeeville man is in trouble with the law again after federal agents seized two firearms during a search warrant execution last Friday morning.

    Sheriff Lance Humphreys reported  deputies and Coffeeville police officers assisted agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) after Daryl Necaise allegedly  falsified information on a federal form while retrieving two firearms that had been pawned.

    Humphreys said he was contacted by the ATF agents after Necaise did not mark the appropriate section of the form that indicated he was under indictment for a felony when retrieving two guns from a pawn shop.

    Necaise was charged last May in a bizarre shooting incident that injured one person. He faces a count for aggravated assault and kidnapping for his alleged role in which the victim was shot and held in a barn for several days after the shooting.

     He was later charged with a third felony for selling narcotics in an undercover sting operation prior to the shooting.

    “They are checking,” Humphreys said about the gun paperwork scrutiny  by federal agents that led to last week’s search warrant on Necaise’s residence in Coffeeville.

    “The ATF did not arrest him, they will present it to a federal grand jury,” Humphreys said.

    A trial date has not been set in the state charges. Humphreys reported that Necaise had relieved his first attorney on the case, hiring a second attorney.

    “They have filed numerous motions in Circuit Court which has pushed the trial date back,” Humphreys said.

A Busy Morning

    While deputies were assisting federal agents last Friday morning during the search warrant, a tip concerning a possible methamphetamine lab operation diverted Humphreys and several other law enforcement officials to the western portion of Yalobusha.

    Humphreys said his department had received a Crime Stoppers tip earlier last week that a house on County Road 35 may have a possible active methamphetamine lab. Neighbors reported a strong, unusual odor, according to Humphreys.

    “We received a second call last Friday morning reporting there was a lot of traffic in the area,” the sheriff stated.

    Yalobusha Sheriff Department Investigator John Camfield, Chief Deputy Jerry Ferguson and Humphreys set up on County Road 33, watching both ends of the road that runs from  Hwy. 51 to the Enid levee.

    While monitoring traffic a familiar car prompted authorities to notify an investigator from Tallahatchie County Sheriff’s Department regarding a possible outstanding arrest warrant on the car’s owner.

    “We had a strong suspicion that one of the persons in the home was wanted by Tallahatchie County,” Humphreys explained.

    That person, Susan Fillyaw, left the home allowing Humphreys to make visual contact and stop her vehicle.

    Fillyaw, 35, was arrested on the warrant and racked up two additional charges – a felony for possession of meth and a misdemeanor charge for possession of paraphernelia – after officers searched her car.

    Her outstanding warrant from Tallahatchie County sounded familar – she had been charged for conspiracy to manufacture crystal meth in the neighboring county.

    “With information from that traffic stop, we were able to get a search warrant for the residence, located at 2200 County Road 35,” Humphreys said.

    Three others were arrested following the execution of the search warrant after law enforcement officials discovered methamphetamine and precursors in the home.

    Nicole Chamblis, 34, of Webb was charged with possession of meth as was Cheryl Smith, 48, who was the tenant at the residence. Bradley McGee, 20, of Tallahatchie County faces a similar charge. Humphreys said Chamblis was already on probation and her probation officer was notified.

    “This is the first case we have had in a while regarding possible meth production,” Humphreys said. Mississippi lawmakers addressed the growing meth epidemic in 2005 by restricting access to popular cold medicines such  as Sudafed, which can be used to make the dangerous stimulant.

    Smith and McGee each were released on a $15,000 bond. Chamblis and Fillyaw were transported to Tallahatchie County.

    In other county law enforcement activity last weekend:

    • Deputies took a report of possible home repair fraud after a homeowner paid an Oxford man $3,000 to purchase materials for a barn roof.

    The check was written on March 3, and after three weeks with no activity, the homeowner contacted authorities.

    Humphreys said that offense will be pursued as a misdemeanor.

    “Anything under $5,000 is a misdemeanor,” the sheriff elaborated. If convicted, the offender could face a $1,000 fine, up to six months in jail and be ordered to pay restitution.

    • Took a report on County Road 216 concerning a possible arson.

    “The homeowners live in Brandon,” Humphreys said. “They discovered a fire had started on their property damaging 10-year-old hardwood trees.

    • Worked two traffic accidents, one involving a motorist striking a deer on County Road 32 and the second occurred after a car jumped out of gear and hit another vehicle on Hwy. 330.

    • Took a report of a harassing phone call at 581 Pine Ridge Circle in the Water Valley Boat Landing area; and

    • Responded to a dog shooting on County Road 94 on Sunday.

    The dog’s owner returned from church and discovered his pet had been shot and killed.


 City Crime Report

Water Valley Police Lt. Rick McCuan reported the following law enforcement activity in the Water Valley City limits during the past week:

• Made six arrests for driving under suspension;

• Made an arrest on a bench warrant;

• Made an arrest for Calhoun County

• Made two arrests for simple domestic assault;

• Made an arrest for no drivers license;

• Took a report of malicious mischief on Buena Vista;

• Took a report of shoplifting;

• Took two reports of simple assault;

• Took a report of trespassing;

• Took a report of petty larceny of gas;

• Picked up a juvenile runaway for Michigan authorities;

• Issued a citation for violation of the city noise ordinance, loud music in a motor vehicle;

• Issued 28 traffic tickets;

• Investigated 3 crashes.




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