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Board of Supervisors Agenda – April 7

Tentative agenda for the April 7 Board of Supervisor Meeting in Water Valley at 9 a.m. at the third floor meeting room:

1.    Minutes

2.    Sheriff Lance Humphreys – sale of surplus property and deletion of inventory items – Travel- and P.I.P.E. fund $125.00 from circuit restitution.  Budget revisions from grants

3.    Jail Inspection Report

4.    Linda Shuffield – Homestead Corrections

5.    10:00 Bids on LSBP 81(12) – CR 103

6.    Bids on SAP 81 (9)M – Coff./Pine Valley Rd

7.    Bids on LSBP-81 (14) CR 174

8.    Order on proposed state aid road projects STP 0988 – CR 433

9.    Continuing Disclosure Statement

10.    Spread Lease agreement with Hancock Bank on Crown Victoria on minutes

11.    Deletion from inventory old rubbish landfill trailer 6-112-002, Purchasing computer Inv. #’s 7-153-054, 7-153-055, 7-153-057, 7-153-058

12.    Move Copier 7-631-033 from Extension Service to Court                 

13.    Advertise for one or more new Broom Sweeper, Dist 1

14.    SAP 81(18)S – Order auth. repayment of $135,000.00 loan to General Fund remaining balance in fund to separate road districts

15.    SAP 81(19) – Establish project fund and loan fund $100,000.00 from General Fund

16.    Doris Shaw & Carol Wilbourn to statewide Justice Court Clerks seminar May, 2008, Robinsonville, MS, Sponsored by MS Judicial College, office closing

17.    Applications to exceed weight limits on certain County Roads
    Dist 4, CR 211 – Georgia Pacific
    Dist 1, CR 87 – Lovorn Logging, Inc.

18.    Request for travel from Randy Simmons to attend MS Constables Asso. 2008, Training seminar and Convention, June , 2008, Biloxi, MS

19.    LS Power resolution

19.    Resolution in support of TVA on the occasion of its 75th anniversary

20.    Claims

Upcoming Events:

• April 7, 2008 – Water Valley Chamber of Commerce Banquet

• April 19, 2008 – Water Valley Sesquicentennial Founders Day Celebration, Railroad Park, Opening Ceremonies 11:00 a.m.

• May 1, 2008 – NCPDD – MAS Tour in Greenwood.

 Board meetings are held on the first Monday of every month unless that Monday is a holiday and those meetings will be held on the first Tuesday.

    Recess meetings are scheduled at the end of the first Monday meeting or any recessed meeting and notices of such are posted on the bulletin board of each courthouse.
    This agenda is incomplete; topics for discussion/action are added and removed up to time of meeting.  
    For more information please contact: Amy F. McMinn, Clerk of the Board, 662-473-2091

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