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Sunday Morning Fog Causes Crash

Vehicle came to rest between poles supporting directional sign.

Medical personnel remove a female passenger from the vehicle. The camera’s flash is reflected by the dense fog.

The vehicle broke through a fence and came to rest on a concrete block.

Thick fog was cited as a contributing factor for this vehicle crash Sunday morning. The driver (center) Rufus Folson crashed after failing to stop at the intersection of Frostland Drive and South Main Street. Officer Perry Goodwin (left) fills out an accident report. Photo by Jack Gurner

Red arrow points to crash location.

Fog that blanketed the area late Saturday night and early Sunday morning was a contributing cause to a vehicle crash. Water Valley Police Chief Mike King reported that Becky Rucker was injured when a car driven by Rufus Folson failed to stop at the intersection of South Main Street and Frostland Drive.

The vehicle was headed eastbound on Frostland at 1:53 a.m. Sunday, crossed South Main and struck a fence and highway directional sign. Folson told police on the scene that he was traveling no more than 30 miles an hour because of the fog and didn’t see the stop sign.

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