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Law Enforcement Report

The Yalobusha County Sheriff’s Department’s Search and Rescue Dive Team assisted with a Calhoun County drowning during the weekend, according to Sheriff Lance Humphreys. A seven year-old drowned in Big Creek on Grenada Lake. The boy’s body was recovered Sunday.

    In an unrelated event, Humphreys also reported his department and other volunteers answered a call of a boat capizing on Billy’s Creek around 3:30 p.m. Sunday. The occupant of the boat apparently struck a tree while checking trotlines, according to the sheriff. The impact threw the victim out of the boat and partially sunk the john boat.

    “He was lucky, he had a life jacket on,” Humphreys said. The water in the creek was only several feet from the top of the bank and the current was strong after weekend rains. The incident occurred at an area known as the old burnout bridge.

    In other county law enforcement news during the past week deputies:

    • Responded to a report of a burglary on County Road 33 last Wednesday. Nothing was reported missing, but the house had been ransacked.

    • Searched an area near Grenada Lake after a caller had reported a possible meth lab. Humphreys and Chief Deputy Jerry Ferguson were able to locate the site, but were unable to discern if meth had been produced in the area.

     • Unlocked three vehicles.

    •Responded to a report of a disorderly person.

    • Answered a call at Pine Ridge Circle in the Water Valley Boat Landing area regarding a child in need of supervisor. The matter was referred to youth court.

    • Assisted police officers from Oakland on April 23. Humphreys said there were two separate fights, prompting the assistance call.

    • Helped clear horses from County Road 212 on April 23.

    • Arrested a 15-year old who fled after an attempted traffic stop. Humphreys reported the juvenile was stopped in Charleston with assistance from Tallahatchie deputies. The juvenile, who has been in trouble before, was referred to the juvenile court system. A hearing was scheduled Monday.

    • Worked an attempted burglary on County Road 225.

    “The homeowner heard a bumping sound,” Humphreys said. Deputies did not find any problems upon arrival.

    • Worked a traffic accident on County Road 215 on April 25.

    • Responded to an alarm call at the Corps of Engineer headquarters at Enid Lake last Friday at 6:30 p.m.

    • Worked a traffic accident on April 27. The accident occurred on Hwy. 32 near Sylva Rena Grocery.

    • Responded to a disturbance of the family call on County Road 28 on April 27.

    • Made an arrest for DUI on April 27.

    • Assisted a stranded motorist on Hwy. 7.

City Crime Report

Summer is just around the corner and Water Valley Police are investigating the theft of two air conditioners; one on Mills Street and the other on Martin Street. Also reported stolen is a weed eater from the Spring Hill Church and four plastic lawn chairs from a residence on North Court.

In other law enforcement activity within the city during the past week,  Police Chief Mike King reports the following:

• Made an arrest in Rolling Hills for carrying a concealed weapon ;

• Made an arrest on South Main for the Grenada Police Department;

• Made an arrest for simple domestic assault;

• Made an arrest in the Baker Street Park for violation of the city beer ordinance;

• Made an arrest on Davidson Street for trespassing;

• Took a report of theft of a computer from a teacher  at the high school;

• Took a report of petty larceny of gas from the Gas Mart on Frostland Drive;

• Took a report of threatening email;

• Took a report of trespassing at BorgWarner by a former employee;

• Took a report of a child bitten by a dog. The dog has been confined at the city dog pound;

• Took a report of trespassing on Eckford Street;

• Took a report of petty larceny of a bag of feed;

• Issued a citation for disturbing the peace for a loud vehicle  at Wood and Main Streets;

• Issued a citation for disturbing the peace loud music at the car wash on Main Street;

• Issued 19 traffic tickets.

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