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Law Enforcement Report

The watermark portrait circled in red appears when held up to the light should match the portrait on the bill when held up to the light. There is a link at the bottom of these stories to counterfeit detection sites. (Note: The redesigned $100 is not in general circulation in this area and the current $100 does not show a portrait.)

City Crime

Water Valley Police took a report of counterfeiting last week when a bogus $100 bill was passed at a local convenience store. The bill looked authentic, according to police, and passed the marker test since it was made using a legitimate $5 bill.

It was detected because the watermark portrait was of Lincoln instead of Ben Franklin, the $100 president. The Secret Service recommends holding a bill up to the light to view the watermark that is located on the far right side of the bill.

The watermark portrait should match the one printed on the bill since bleaching and reprinting low value currency is a common scam.

Counterfeit detection site:

Lt. Rick McCuan reported the following additional law enforcement activity in the Water Valley City limits during the past week:

• Made nine arrests for driving under suspension;

• Made two arrests for DUI first offense;

• Made an arrest for trespassing;

• Made an arrest for petty larceny ;

• Made an arrest for no drivers license;

• Made an arrest for Lafayette County authorities;

• Took two reports of malicious mischief;

• Took a report of telephone profanity;

• Took a report of petty larceny;

• Took a report of trespassing;

• Took two reports of simple assault;

• Took a report of auto burglary;

• Took a report of leaving the scene of an accident;

• Took two crash reports at the police station;

• Took a report of auto burglary at the high school;

• Served a Yalobusha County Justice Court warrant;

• Issued 23 traffic tickets;

• Investigated 2 crashes.


County Crime

    Law enforcement officials are asking for public help to help solve a church burglary in which audio equipment was stolen.

    Sheriff Lance Humphreys said someone kicked a door in Pleasant Grove M.B. Church  and made off with two large Peavey speakers. The church is located near Bryant Boat Landing south of Coffeeville. The incident occurred between May 2 and May 4, according to Humphreys.

    Anyone with information is urged to contact Yalobusha County Crime Stoppers by calling (662) 473-4935 or 1-(866) 933-TIPS (8477); or by email to  

    “Remember, Crime Stoppers does not want your name, just your information,” Humphreys reminded. Participants may be able to collect up to $1,000 for their confidential information.

    In other law enforcement news:

    • Responded to a domestic violence call on County Road 95. A 45 year-old man was charged for disturbing the peace after his 81 year-old mother had repeatedly asked him to leave.

    • Responded to a stalking and harassing phone call    incident on County Road 212. No charges were filed.

    • Responded to a disturbance on Hwy. 51. One person was charged with disorderly conduct.

    • Fielded a call from a resident on County Road 113 in which harassing phone calls were reported on May 1.

    • Took a report of a lost license tag on May 2.

    • Worked a traffic accident on County Road 436 on May 3. A motorist struck a tree.

    • Unlocked three vehicles.

    • Assisted the ambulance.

    • Assisted with two fire calls.

    • Responded to animal problems on County Road 58.

    •Took three reports of harassing phone calls.

    • Transported a juvenile to Jackson after a youth court order.        • Responded to a report of trees down on Hwy. 32 after weekend storms.

    • Fielded a report of trespassing.

    • Transported one person to Corinth under direction of a Chancery Court order.

    • Took a report of a theft on County Road 431.

    • Responded to an alarm at the Shell Station in Oakland.

    •Responded to an assault on County Road 82.

    • Took a report of a malicious mischief, two disturbances of the family, domestic violence and three disorderly conducts.


Counterfeit detection site:

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