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Job Description



Nature of Work

Work involves specialized technical work in the administration, interpretation and enforcement of the City of Water Valley’s Zoning and Development Ordinance, Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance and all applicable aspects of the International Building Code, as amended (collectively, the “Regulations”).

Work under the direction of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen and the Planning Commission.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Check plans and specifications for compliance with the Regulations prior to the issuance of permits for construction, remodels, alterations or additions.

Review applications for variances, conditional use permits, subdivisions and zoning changes; prepares recommendations to the Planning Commission and/or the Mayor and Board of Aldermen.

Review of site plans and blueprints; review all industrial, residential and commercial building electrical, mechanical and HVAC construction plans; issue building permits for new industrial, residential and commercial construction, remodels, alterations, additions and other miscellaneous items.

Review development plans for local zoning requirements. Review and approve routine signage applications.

Make field inspections of building, demolition, and development projects during and upon completion for compliance with approved plans and specifications and the Regulations.

Perform on-site inspections of buildings and structures while under construction and determine if construction is in compliance with the Regulations and approved plans and specifications.

Within the scope of authority, take appropriate action(s) to secure compliance including issuing cease-work and corrective orders.

Answer general questions regarding legal descriptions, floodplain information, zoning and construction.

Facilitate the implementation and achievement of the goals and objectives of the Comprehensive Plan – Water Valley, Mississippi.

 Act as liaison with the Mayor and Board of Aldermen and the Planning Commission and other City departments in matters relating to zoning, floodplain management and building inspections.

Prepare material for presentation to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen and the Planning Commission and attend all Planning Commission meetings and Board of Aldermen meetings as required.

Make field inspections as necessary to clarify specific zoning complaints and confers with owners to alleviate violations.

Meet with property owners to resolve conflict with neighbors.

Initiate enforcement proceedings when violations of the Regulations occur; prepare letters and/or contacts property owners by phone; refer to City Attorney if unresolved.

Prepare material for and present evidence in hearings and court cases. Maintain appropriate and all required plans, indexes, and files.

Participate in such training as may be required to maintain qualifications and knowledge of the Regulations.

Perform related work as required.

Requirements of Work

Thorough knowledge of the Regulations and the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

Ability to analyze and interpret the Regulations.

Working knowledge of industrial, residential, and commercial property development.

Ability to read blueprints, check plans, specifications, and other materials, evaluating data in relation to the Regulations and to inspect properties.

Ability to deal effectively with building owners, contractors, and the public.

Ability to communicate effectively and diplomatically both orally and in writing with state and federal agencies, private businesses, elected officials, community volunteers, potential developers, City staff, and the general public including formal presentations.

Ability to prepare standard format and narrative reports. Must possess a valid driver’s license.

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