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Grand Juries Hand Down 60 Indictments

Staff Report

WATER VALLEY – Grand juries in the First and Second Judicial District in Yalobusha County handed down 60 indictments on June 18 and 19 according to Circuit Clerk Daryl Burney.

    The indictments remain sealed until served by law enforcement.

    The indictments included:

    • one count of forcible rape;

    • three counts of sexual battery;

    • three counts of fondling;

    • 10 counts of sale of cocaine;

    • four counts of conspiracy;

    • two counts of grand larceny;

    • three counts of burglary;

    • one count of false pretense;

    • five counts of possession of marijuana;

    • four counts of possession of meth;

    • two counts of strong arm robbery;

    • four counts of possession of cocaine;

    • two counts for sale of a controlled substance;

    • one count of aggravated assault;

    • one count of sale of meth;

    • one count of forging of a drug prescription;

    • three counts of uttering forgery;

    • two counts of conspiracy to sell cocaine;

    • two counts of petty larceny;

    • one count of possession of a gun by a convicted felon; and

    • five counts of writing bad checks.

    The indictments will remain sealed until served. A grand jury does not determine guilt or innocence, but whether there is probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed.

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