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State Paperwork Delays County Beer Permit For New Business

By David Howell

COFFEEVILLE – A decision to grant an application for a new business in the county to sell beer and light wine was deferred until the applicant can receive his permanent retail beer permit and license from the Mississippi State Tax Commission.

    A county ordinance requires any business owner or operator to obtain a county permit and state permit, as well as a county privilege license to sell beer and light wine in the county. Yalobusha supervisors grant the county beer permit on a case-by-case basis.

    Lyndon Parsons told supervisors during the “first Monday” meeting held July 7 in Coffeeville. In addition to beer, Parsons said he will offer tackle, groceries, and, in the future, a restaurant, in the new 3,750 square foot business, called Double L Depot, which is located on Hwy. 330 near the Yalobusha and Calhoun County line.

    “I got the temporary (beer permit)  last week, but the man in Senatobia told me the temporary is good is having a permanent license,”  Parsons relayed to supervisors.

    Parsons explained he had not received his permanent license, but it would hit the mailbox any day.

    “It expires July 15, 08,” Board Attorney John Crow said after reviewing the temporary license.

    “He told me if it was not in the mailbox by the 15th or 14th, to give him a call and he would take care of it,” Parsons answered, concerning the status of his permanent beer permit from the state.

    “What I would do is go ahead and be on that phone calling them now,” District Five Supervisor Bubba Tillman advised Parsons.

    “You need it now,” Crow also advised. “The only thing the board can do is consider the application through the 15 (of July), you got an eight-day permit,” Crow reported.

    “The license has been applied for, and will be received,” Parsons answered. “If I hadn’t been eligible to receive the license, they wouldn’t give me the temporary license,” Parsons continued.

    “We ran into the same thing with Cecil (Harrison) when he didn’t have a permanent license,” District One Supervisor Tommy Vaughn said.

    “I got the man’s number if you want to call and talk to him,” Parsons said.

    “This board cannot base a decision on what is not black and white,” Crow advised.

    “We could probably recess to another date this month, if we got something we need to meet on,” Tillman said.

    “What looks to me like, if it is good for the state (temporary permit), I can’t understand why it would not be good for the county,” Parsons said.

    “It is, through the 15th,” Chancery Clerk McMinn told Parsons.

    “Right, I will have the permanent before the 15th,” Parsons answered.

    “Our permit is based on their permit, their expiration date, on every permit ours corresponds to their date,” Crow said. “We can’t base a decision today on what we don’t have,” adding that the temporary permit will expire on July 15.

    “They may be mailing it today,” Tillman said.

    “I have already been set back one week, I have put a bunch of money out and I need to be selling something,” Parsons.

    “If we could find out in the next hour or two,” Tillman continued.

    “Can we not call this Joel Tackett,” Parsons said, referring to his contact at the Mississippi State Tax Commissioner in Senatobia.

    “We got to have it in hand, we have been consistent. It is not fair to treat other people different than we are treating you,” Crow said.

    “I am not asking for that,” Parsons said.

    “Yes you are, sir, you are asking us to grant a permit to you that is based upon a permit that we don’t know whether you are going to get or not. Chances are you will, but until you get it I don’t see that this board can do anything. If they want to meet  next week, I am available,” Crow said.

    “We could recess. I would like to see the feller get his business opened up. He has tied a lot of money up out there. But, we want to do what John Crow advises us to do,” Tillman said.

    Parsons then left the meeting to contact Tackett to see if he could find out the status of his permanent license before the meeting concluded.

    Parsons returned to the meeting an hour later and told supervisors he was told his license would be in the mail.

    “All I can do, I guess is to ask y’all to meet next Monday,” Parsons said, adding that he would drive to Jackson, if required, to obtain the permanent license.

    Supervisors set a recessed meeting date on Monday, July 14, to accomodate Parsons.

    The meeting was cancelled when Parsons did not receive his license through the mail.

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