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Water Valley Schools Staff Announced

Staff Announced For 2008-2009 School Year

  The following will serve as staff and faculty for the Water Valley School District  during the 2008-09 School Year:

  Sammy Higdon, Superintendent; Glenn Kitchens, High School Principal; Chester Drewery, Elementary School Principal; Rickey Babb, Assistant High School Principal; Carol Gary, District Test Coordinator/Elementary School Assistant Principal; Trey Allman, Educational Center Director/Federal Programs Coordinator; Butch Stevens, Special Education Coordinator; David Floyd, District Technology Coordinator; Randy Goodwin, Business Manager; Latonia Smith, Food Services Supervisor; Marion Weekley, Resource Officer/Transportation Director; Yolanda Hall, Receptionist/Title I Secretary; Jackie Lowery, MSIS Clerk; Glenda Singleton, Administrative Assistant; Ann Surrette, Payroll Clerk; Clifton, Moore, Janitorial Supervisor; Carl Few, Maintenance Supervisor; Lewis Camp, Bus Shop Supervisor; and Ervis Camp, Jr., Bus Shop Mechanic;


  Kindergarten Teachers: Shelia Benoist, Carmille Hovious, Catherine Lowe, Charla Stark, and Dawn Williamson;

  First Grade Teachers: Donna Barnes, Lori Gore, Christy Lowery, Brandi Sparks, Pamela Taylor, and Rebecca York;

  Second Grade Teachers: Donna Blake, Melissa Burrell, Tracy Kisner, Jennifer McMinn, Christie Noel, and Brandy Russell;

  Third Grade Teachers: Colleen Craven, Math; Renita Fox, Language Arts; Jill Hill, Language Arts; Lee McMahen, Math; Vickie Person, Language Arts; and Alana Reed, Math;

  Fourth Grade Teachers: Valerie Burgess, Language Arts; Rebeccas DeLoach, Math; Lisa Edwards, Math; Kristen McCaslin, Math; Katie Naron, Language Arts; and Pat Ray, Language Arts;

  Fifth Grade Teachers: Vietta Booker, Math; Maggie McDaniel, Math; Sherman Norwood, Language Arts; Andrea Clement, Language Arts; Renee Thompson, Math; and Whitney Yount, Language Arts;

  Sixth Grade Teachers: Will Anderson, Language Arts; Amy Daniels, Math; Angela Bratton, Math; Ashley Rich, Language Arts; Trenisha Weekley, Math; and Rose Willingham, Language Arts;

  Special Education Teachers: Alison Black, Madistean Cooper, Lisa Dettor, Robin Fielder, Cissy Griffin, and Cheryl Harris;

  JoBeth Alford, Enrichment; Lecia Bain, Enrichment; Shane Brown, Physical Education/Coach; Catherine Masters, Speech Pathologist; Grace Dickerson, T.S.T. Coordinator; Hugh Gurner, Librarian; Suzanne Reed, Lead Teacher; Linda Williamson, Counselor; Hope Shaw, School Nurse; Mary Freeman, Elementary School Music Teacher; Leasie Gilley, Elementary School Secretary; and Gloria Jackson, Special Education Secretary;

  Teaching Assistants: Audra Ashford, Kim Baker, Heather Brown, Ophelia Buford, Heather Bynum, Suzanne Cofer, Darlene Fleming, Jackie Harmon, Crystal Magee, Lisa Murrell, Anita Phillips, Sherry Phillips, Patricia Reed, Cathy Sartain, and Mercy Turner;

  Title I Aides: Nicole Eubanks, Pamela Harris, Bennie Faye Phillips, and Rochelle Southern;

  Special Education Facilitators: Theresa Chandler and Irene Judson;


  Bryant Mix and Nancy Wootten;


  Debra Anderson, Computer Discovery; Doug Anderson, Art; Byron Beard, Building Trades; Kendra Bensch, Science; Jeani Black, Mathematics; Mary Bonner, Technology Discovery; Judy Brewer, Science; Shayla Burgess, Language Arts; Jeff Byrd, Social Studies; Jennifer Carwile, Special Needs; Sammie Cobern, Librarian/Media Specialist; James Coleman, Social Studies; Gary Drewrey, Physical Education/Health; Brad Embry, Social Studies; Clint Faust, Mathematics; Steve Ford, Science; Linda Glidewell, Special Needs; Amanda Goodwin, Mathematics; Brenda Gulledge, Technology Applications (EAST); Karen Hamilton, Mathematics/ Band; Thomas Harris, Language Arts; Elizabeth Hawkins, Special Needs; Brad Hayden, Language Arts; D. A. Hervey, Support Staff Technician; Diana Hinton, Language Arts; Angie Hodge, Mathematics; David Hopple, Assistant Band Director; Pam Ivey, Career Discovery; Amanda Jennings, Foreign Language/Language Arts; Edith Kennemore, Special Education; Jo Ann King, Business and Technology; Anna Koshenina, Language Arts; Shane Linzy, Social Studies; Dana McConnell, Counselor; Suzanne McCullough, Physical Education/Health; Valerie Morgan, Family and Consumer Science; Doug Robbins, Social Studies; Jennifer Gillis Rotkiewicz, Social Studies; Shelly Rotenberry, Language Arts; Richard Russo, Social Studies; John Sherman, Driver’s Education; Anna Smith, Science; Mary Smith, Language Arts, Victor Steen, Band/Music; Billy Thacker, Agriscience; Kathy True, Language Arts; Terri Turner, Special Needs; Tracey Varner, Mathematics; and Diane Webb, Co-op;



  Reeda Cofer, Secretary Tech Prep; Deniece Fowler, High School Secretary; Angie Hoskins, Special Education Facilitator; Cathy Patton, Special Education Facilitator; Annette Reynolds, Special Education Facilitator; and Susan Shaw, Bookkeeper;



  Will Anderson, Assistant Softball Coach; Shane Brown, Softball Coach; Melissa Burrell, Cheer Coach; Colleen Craven, Cheer Coach; Gary Drewrey, Athletic Director; Brad Embry, Head Football Coach; Clint Faust, Assistant Football Coach; Shayne Linzy, Head Girls Basketball Coach, Head Volleyball Coach, and Assistant Track Coach; Suzanne McCullough, Junior High Girls Basketball Coach and Assistant Volleyball Coach; Bryant Mix, Assistant Football Coach and Assistant Track Coach; Doug Robbins, Head Baseball Coach, Assistant Junior High Football Coach, and Junior High Baseball Coach; Richard Russo, Assistant Football Coach, Assistant Junior High Football Coach, Head Junior High Football Coach, Head Junior High Basketball Coach, Assistant Baseball Coach, and Assistant Junior High Baseball Coach; John Sherman, Head Boys Basketball Coach; Jason Langdon, Para-Professional/Coach;


  Hazel Alexander, Karon Alexander, Stephanie Alford, Lillie Buck, Annie Ellis, Mary Harden, Dorothy Jenkins, Dewayne Neal, Hattie Polk, Mae Ruth Rucker, Loretta Smith, and Lavern Willingham;


  Terry Burns, Shane Brown, Larry Carr, Murray Dixon, Gary Drewrey, John Dunn, Leroy Harris, Rolen Hoskins, Craig King, Hugh Lawson, Suzanne McCullough, Butler MeLeod, John Mistilis, Bubba Simmons, Kim Spence, and Lorraine Turner;


  Lavonia Hoskins;


  David Camp, Junior Camp, Chester Drewrey, Shayne Linzy, Hosea Rockette, and Mario Weekley;


  Full Time: Linda Bailey, Larry Brassel, Terrell Daniels, and Tyrone Phillips;

  Part Time: Enos Conard, Teresa Crawford, and Richard Morgan.

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