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Watermelon Carnival 2008

Whopper Melons – In the largest melon contest this year, a 141.3 pound melon (left) captured top honors. Trey Vaughn and his sister, Laura, entered the melon for their father, Jerry Vaughn. The second place melon (right) was only pounds lighter. Taylor Bost (right) entered this melon forherfather, Marty Bost. The third place melon (center) weighed 134.5 pounds and was also grown by Bost. His niece, Katie Drewery (center) entered the melon in the contest. This year’s melons were slightly smaller.

In the melon eating contest for the 12-and-under category, little miss Camille Rockette (left) blasted off to an early win over the competition. In second place was Perrion Rockette (second from left) and third was Ian McMahen.

Carnival visitors enjoyed the cars and homemade ice-cream at the annual car show in Shuffield Park downtown.

Amanda Izzard (above right) plowed her way through a slice during the 13-17 year-old category of themelon eating contest to take first place. Lizzie Shawk (left) ran out of steam.

The Pullen family had melons-a-plenty for sale at the Watermelon Carnival Saturday. Guarding the melon truck were (from left) Joe Pullen, Bill Pullen, Ron Hart, Scarlett Pullen, Chris Pullen and Willie Pullen. – Photo by David Howell

Aspiring artist Damion Pollard (above) displayed several pieces of his artwork at the third annual North Mississippi Regional Art Show Friday night. He is a sophomore and has participated in the art show for three years.

Not an unusual sight, Ernie Aune is at his post during the Lions Club pancake breakfast. Aune has flipped the pancakes for many years. – Photo by David Howell

Jim Brown (center) of Tupelo won the Mechanics Bank race Saturday. He completed the three mile course in 15 minutes and fifty-five seconds. Cam Tyler presents the award. Catherine Freeland (left) won first place in the three mile run in the lady’s division.

Larry Sprouse (center) finished the three-mile walk Saturday in first place in the men’s division. Cam Tyler presents the award. Shirley Riley (left) was presented with a first-place trophy after she finished first in the walk division of Mechanics Bank’s run/walk race Saturday morning.

Miss Mississippi 2007 Kimberly Morgan was a featured performer at the Music Festival. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elzie Morgan of the Taylor Community. – Photo by Jack Gurner

Margaret Daum (left), President of the Town and Country Garden Club, presented the Luella Fair Community Enrichment Award to Dale Tyler during the Music Festival.

Joe Newman (left), manager of the Water Valley Electric Department, and Ron Hart, president of the Chamber of Commerce, work out the kinks in some cords in order to get power to carnival vendors. Fans were the most popular appliance during the day.

Drinking lots of fluids was the key to surviving the intense heat during carnival weekend. Tommy Scroggins (above) gives his puppy, Bently, water from a bottle cap. Bently is half daschund, half labrador retriever. – Photo by David Howell

Barry Caulfield (left) and Glenda Griffin of Renasant Bank fill a lemonade order for Julia Taylor while husband, Bennie Cole Taylor, waits his turn. The cool drink was popular during the street dance Friday sponsored by the bank. – Photo by Jack Gurner

Thompson Ward held a CD release concert Friday night in honor of their debut album Porch Funk. Lena Thompson almost stole the show from her dad, Steve (second from left). On the left is Mark Miller and on the right is Bryan Ward. – Photo by Jack Gurner

Tiny Mister Chase King presented flowers to Watermelon Queen Jessica Smith during the Music Festival Thursday.

Blayne Clark enjoyed a foot-long corn dog at the park.

Derek Dukes hurled a full-sized melon 28.4 feet to take first in the 18+ melon toss.

None of the boys would take the first ride, so Avery Lee Of Nesbit decided she would. She did well until the bull got the best of her.

Despite the extremely hot weather…

…people from Water Valley and surrounding areas turned out to celebrate the town’s 39th annual Watermelon Carnival.

    “Other than the heat it was great,” Water Valley Chamber of Commerce President Ron Hart said about the event. “I appreciate all the Junior Auxiliary member’s dedication to the carnival and Tonya Eubanks (chamber vice-president) for sticking with me for both days,” Hart said about the event.

    Hart also expressed gratitude for the public for turning out and supporting the carnival despite of heat.

    “There are too many others to mention,” Hart said about the numerous volunteers who help coordinate the carnival.

    Vendors reported brisk sales during the event and competition was intense during the watermelon contests Saturday.


Contest Winners

12 and under melon eating contest

1st    Camille Rockett
2nd    Perrion Rockette
3rd     Ian McMahen

13 through 17 melon eating contest

1st    Amanda Izzard
2nd    Kyle Jones
3rd    Brian Fries

18 and over melon eating contest

1st    Johnny Rybolt
2nd    David Galef
3rd    Kevin Dooley

12 and under seed spitting contest

1st     Jonathan Foster – 25′
2nd    Ricky Meyers – 21.8′ (spit-off distance)
3rd    Brennon Peacock – 21.6′

13 through 17 seed spitting contest

1st     Kyle Jones – 20.6′
2nd    Brian Fries – 20.6′
3rd     Lizzie Shawk – 18.6′

18 and over seed spitting contest

1st     Johnny Rybolt – 39′
2nd    Gil McMahen – 34.6′
3rd    David Galef – 27′

12 and under melon tossing contest

1st    Layton Morgan – 42′
2nd    Ricky Myers – 29′
3rd    Cole Hillhouse – 39′ (toss off throw)

13 through 17 melon tossing contest

1st    Kye Gilley – 36′
2nd    Kyle Jones – 34′
3rd    Brian Fries – 21′

18 and over men’s melon tossing contest

1st    Derek Dukes – 28.4′
2nd    David Wallis – 25.8′
3rd    Tyler Jones – 25.4′

18 and over women’s melon tossing contest

1st    Denise Buchholz – 20′
2nd    Kayla Dooley – 18.6′
3rd    Brandi Fisher – 17′

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