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Mayor Recovering From Surgery

Mayor Bill Norris was in his office at City Hall Thursday to sign checks and “get out of the house.” Norris suffered a heart attack August 23 and had heart surgery last Friday, Sept 5. “I am still a little sore,” he acknowledged.

“All questions go to Lance,” Norris said with a grin, referring to Alderman Lance Clement who is serving as interim mayor.


Mayor Bill Norris contacted the Herald Monday morning, reporting that he is at home and on the mend follow heart surgery Sept 5.

“I am feeling better every day,” Norris said, adding he expected to start rehab next week.

“They told me it would be six-weeks before I can drive,” Norris said about the recovery period.

Alderman-at-Large Lance Clement is serving as interim mayor until Norris is well enough to return to work.

Norris has served as Mayor since July of 2005 and previously served as Alderman of Ward 4 and two terms as Alderman-at-Large.

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