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Map Colors, Oversize Signs Under Review By Planners

Planning Commission Chairman Billy Humphreys (left) and Commissions Lynn Morris, Eddie Foster, Bonnie Cox, and Ken French look over the city zoning map. Although the areas are zoned correctly, the map colors were incorrectly placed in a few instances. The group is in the process of reviewing and correcting the errors.

Request For Mobile Home Denied

By Jack Gurner

WATER VALLEY – Signs were again a topic of discussion for the Planning Commission at Monday night’s regular monthly meeting.

Last month the commissioners had to grant a variance to the new Sonic Drive-In so they would be able to use their standard size sign.

The commissioners agreed that the current zoning ordinance should be modified to allow larger signs in areas zoned highway commercial. The current ordinance restricts signs in all areas to 40 square feet of less.

“I truly believe we have a big problem with the way it is worded,” Commissioner Ken French commented on the ordinance.

The group held a discussion of various business signs within the city and whether or not they complied with the ordinance as written. They concluded that a number of signs did not comply.

Commissioner Eddie Foster asked if the signs were “grandfathered” and would be allowed to remain.

Chairman Billy Humphreys answered that the ordinance states businesses had five years to comply.

“So, they have three years left to change their signs to get within the ordinance?” Foster questioned.

The commissioners agreed to conduct further research and recommend to the Board of Aldermen that some modifications be made in that portion of the zoning ordinance.

Map Corrections

Chairman Humphreys also brought attention to several areas of the zoning map that were incorrectly marked. He pointed to areas shown in green that represent public land when actually the property is privately owned and located in the central business district.

A motion was made to bring the mistakes to the attention of the Alderman and recommend that the color-coding be corrected.

Also during the meeting, commissioners heard from Melissa Savage who was wanting to put a mobile home on family owned property located on the west side of South Main Street around the 800 block.

Commissioners explained that the property is zoned R-1 for single family residences, a classification that doesn’t allow mobile homes. Commissioner French added that mobile homes already in place were allowed to remain. However, they couldn’t be replaced with another mobile home.

Savage thanked the commissioners for their time and said that she would look into reworking a family home located on the property.

Along with French, Foster, and Humphreys, commissioners Bonnie Cox and Lynn Morris were present at the meeting.

The Planning Commission meets on the third Monday of each month at 7 p.m. in the boardroom at City Hall. Persons wishing to appear before the group should call City Clerk Vivian Snider to be placed on the agenda. 

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