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Night Club Operations Are Concealed As Private Motorcycle Club, According To Yalobushian

By David Howell

COFFEEVILLE – Allegations of an out-of-control nightclub operating on County Road 432 near Coffeeville backfired on a Yalobushian after his comments brought rebuke from the county’s sheriff. His comments came during a recessed supervisor meeting held January 26 in Coffeville.   

   “They are running a nightclub out there, but it is disguised as a motorcycle club,” Dewayne Roland told supervisors during a recessed meeting held in Coffeeville Monday morning. Roland alleged that the club operators charge to enter the facility, which is open seven days a week and creates regular gunfire, drinking and other problems.

    “I have called the police numerous times, but when they come out there they say it is nothing they can do because it is private,” Roland told supervisors.

    “They are selling beer and alcohol out there full force,” Roland continued.

    Roland also linked the operation to Floyd Holland, telling supervisors they act like they rent the place from Holland, but they actually split the money with Holland.

    “I wish y’all would do something,” Roland added.

    “Sheriff, you want to respond to that?” District One Supervisor Tommy Vaughn asked.

    “I will,”  the sheriff responded.

    “You were supposed to be at my office two weeks ago and you did not show up,” Humphreys told Roland.

    “I went to the doctor,” Roland said.

    “You did not show up. My deputies are spending more time running on wild goose chases because of you, than they are protecting the citizens of this county,” Humphreys responded. “My guys are going out there three times a night just to check it, just because you call every 10 to 15 minutes,” Humphreys said.

    “They (deputies) sit up there at the top of hill and don’t hear nothing. They are not charging to get in the door. There is a meeting place for this motorcycle club. They are not selling beer… The folks are getting mad because we are going in there. His number one complaint is that you tried to send your 18-year old daughter in there, so you could video,”  Humphreys said.

    “That is false,” Roland said.

    Humphreys also addressed Roland’s claims about Holland.    “Your deal here is you are mad at Floyd because you can’t rent that place anymore and you can’t make any money out there.” Humphreys said. “Now you are giving these guys fits and calling. For the last month, every time somebody calls my dispatcher asks, ‘I need your name, I need your telephone number, you need to come up here and file a complaint,’” Humphreys told Roland.

    “You know what they get?” Humphreys asked.

    “Click,” Humphreys answered. “Nobodys want to come file charges. Would you like to step over to justice court and file charges?” Humphreys asked.

    “Here is the complaint,” Roland again told supervisors before he was cut off.

    “Would you like to step over to justice court and file charges?” Humphreys asked again louder.

    “I can’t do it by myself,” Roland said.

    “Would you like to step over to justice court and file charges?” Humphreys asked a third time. “This is not the place to do that,” Humphreys told Roland after he continued allegations against the operation.

    “I just wanted to be heard. I figured y’all would not do anything, which I was right,” Roland said.

    “You got the point across, now move on,” Vaughn told Roland.

    Humphreys said later in the meeting that Roland did not file papers in justice court after he exited the meeting.

    • Other business conducted at the meeting included:

    • Heard an update from Yalobusha County Economic Development District Bob Tyler

Director on the county’s new website.

    •Approved the lease purchase of three new trucks for supervisors. District Two Supervisor Amos Sims did not purchase a new truck and District One Supervisor Tommy Vaughn paid for his out of his beat funds.

    • Approved applications to exceed the posted weight limits on county roads while logging. Charles Smith’s application to haul on County Road 230 and 121 in District One was approved, Benji Nail’s application on County Road 58 and 225 in District Three was approved and Abbeville Forest Product’s on County Road 221 in District Five were approved.

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