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CAUGHT! Logan And Johnson Held In County Jail

By David Howell

    Two wanted men featured in the North Mississippi Herald and the Coffeeville Courier have been apprehended, according to Sheriff Lance Humphreys.

    One of the men, Steve Johnson, was captured in Calhoun County early Wednesday morning. The second man, Earl Logan, was caught as a direct result of the newspaper coverage, Humphreys reported.

    “We started receiving calls on Logan’s whereabout first thing Wednesday morning,” the sheriff said about the hunt. “Deputies spent much of Wednesday a step behind Logan as the calls kept coming in,” Humphreys said.

    Around 9 p.m. last night, Yalobusha Crime Stoppers received a call that gave authorities a hot lead on Logan.

    “We apprehended him just outside of Coffeeville hiding in a mobile home with his girlfriend.,” Humphreys added. Officers with the Coffeeville Police Department backed up sheriff’s deputies in the operation. Logan was arrested without incident.

    “The tip that led to Logan’s arrest came through Crime Stoppers. It shows that our county’s program is effective,” the sheriff stated. The caller, who remained anonymous, will be eligible for a cash reward.

    “This guy (Logan) had been sleeping with one eye open, he knew we wanted him,” Humphreys said. Deputies had initially tried to stop Logan earlier this month on County Road 211, but he led them on a brief car chase before fleeing on foot.

    “We also anticipate charging him with felony evasion after he put other people’s lives in danger during this incident,” the sheriff said. Although Logan was wanted for misdemeanor warrants in Coffeeville, Humphreys said he could also have information about several burglaries in the Coffeeville area.

    Johnson was wanted for a felony warrant in Calhoun County and a Circuit Court bench warrant in Yalobusha County. The Mississippi Department of Corrections also have a warrant on Johnson for parole violation. Authorities will also question Johnson in connection with several unsolved burglaries in the county.

    Both men are incarcerated in the Yalobusha County Jail and neither will be offered bond, according to Humphreys.

    “Logan was already out on bond from another crime and Johnson could face probation revocation by MDOC officials. He was on probation for a grand larceny conviction in Tate County.

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