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Yalobusha Beer Sales Nudge $2 Million in 2008

By David Howell

WATER VALLEY – Beer and light wine sales in Yalobusha County nudged $2 million in 2008, according to the latest figures provided by the State Tax Commission who breaks down the information using distributors’ sales to retailers in the county.

    The figures show that 33 retailers in the county purchased $1,729,885.57 from distributors to resale. Retailers typically mark up beer products 15 percent, which would put the retail amount of beer sold in the county at $1,989,368.41.

    In Water Valley, 13 retailers purchased $878,267.57 of beer from distributors. Using a 15 percent markup, retailers had an estimated $1,010,007.70 in beer sales in 2008, and the state collected $70,700.54 in sales tax on the beer. Of that amount, the City of Water Valley received almost 18 percent, or $12,727.10, back to the city’s coffers.

    The State Tax Commission disperses a monthly dividend check to each municipality in the state based on the sales tax collected in each town.

    In Coffeeville, six retailers purchased $327,622.29 of beer from distributors. With the profit markup, retailers sold an estimated $376,765.63 to consumers in Coffeeville. Of that amount, approximately $26,373.59 in sales tax was collected from beer purchases, which means the Town of Coffeeville’s share of sales tax received back from the State Tax Commission is $4,747.25.

    In Oakland, four retail stores sold an estimated $24,139.76 worth of beer in 2008. This means the Town of Oakland received $2,331.90 in sales tax revenue back from the State Tax Commission.

    Another 10 retailers located in the county sold an estimated $417,523.60 to consumers. Sales tax collected from these beer sales does not come back directly to the county.

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