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Kudzu Workshop At Extension Office Offers Valuable Information

This map – which didn’t come from MSU – shows the spread of kudzu in US counties. It’s hard to see, but Yalobusha County is shown in the light grey which means that we have 0 percent coverage in our area. Good to know for those of us who thought we had a problem.

    Is kudzu taking over your property?  Kudzu is one of the ten worst invasive species in the United States!  Do you know how to control kudzu?  Do you know that there are landowner assistance programs to help control kudzu?  If not, then come to the “Kudzu Control Workshop” to be held in Coffeeville.

    Attendees will meet at the Yalobusha County Extension Office (Multipurpose Building) on Wednesday, May 13, at 10 a.m. Registration is required for attendance, but there is no fee.  Please call the Extension office at 675-2730 by May 8 to register.

     This workshop is specifically for private landowners and professional foresters that want to learn how to get rid of kudzu. We will also tour an area that was sprayed with herbicides to demonstrate kudzu control.  Please wear appropriate field clothes, boots, and insect repellent.

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