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Law Enforcement Report

By David Howell

WATER VALLEY – If it sounds too good to be true, it is, warns Sheriff Lance Humphreys after taking a report that a Water Valley lady lost almost two grand in a recent international scam.

    Humphreys said his department took a report after the victim received a check for $1,895.22. The check was accompanied by a letter indicating the money was from a research company, Hallmark Marketing Research Manage-ment, Inc. The company requested the victim to help move the money from one account to another, and asked her to deposit the money in her account.

    The catch, according to the sheriff, is that the victim is then asked to send the company a money gram to the scam artist, which is cashed immediately.

    “The bank will hold the victim’s money, waiting on the check to clear,” Humphreys explains. Several days later, the victim receives the bad news that the check was counterfeit, and with the money gram already in the mail, the scheme is complete.

    “The company promised to send this victim $300 for participating in the “research,” once they had received the money gram from the victim.

    “The money gram was sent to a lady in Canada,” Humphreys said, adding, “there is really nothing we can do.”

    The report has been turned over to the Mississippi Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Department.

    “With the economy like it is, people are looking to make a quick dollar and can fall victim to these types of scam,” Humphreys said.

    Other activity in the past two weeks at the sheriff’s department included:

    • Deputies responded to a call on July 13 at a residence on  County Road 107 involving suspicious activity. Humphreys reported the home was vacant, but the owner had noticed activity. The call came from neighbors, when the suspect came back to the house. Deputies arrived and found Kenny Savage at the residence. Savage was charged with misdemeanor trespassing and felony malicious mischief.

    • Deputies took a report on July 11 on County Road 82, near Coffeeville, that someone had shot a horse. Humphreys said that family members disagreed on the condition of the animal, and the shooter argued that he had to put the animal down.

    • Deputies took a report of a theft on County Road 22 on July 10.

    “A guy had bought a brand new truck and someone stole the tailgate,” Humphreys told the Herald. “He had not even had time to tag the vehicle.”

    • Deputies took a report of simple assault and domestic violence on County Road 605 near Enid on July 9. “This dispute involved a husband and wife. They were hitting each other with pots and pans,” Humphreys said. Both were arrested.

    • Deputies took a report of domestic violence on County Road 15 on July 7. Someone allegedly pulled a knife on their sibling, according to the sheriff.

    • Deputies responded to an airplane crash on July 8. (See story on Page 1.)

    • Deputies took a report of domestic assault on County Road 15 on July 17. Charges were filed by the victim.

    • Deputies took a report of disturbing phone calls on July 6.

    • Deputies worked a traffic accident on Hwy. 32 West involving a deer on July 5.

    • Deputies investigated a domestic assault on Rayburn Street in Coffeeville.

    • Deputies took a report of domestic assault at the Subway in Oakland. An employee filed charges on her ex-boyfriend, according to Humphreys.

    • Deputies responded to a trespassing call on County Road 3 on July 5.

    • Deputies assisted the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics  (MBN) on July 8 pick up eight people with drug indictments.

    “Working with MBN and the City of Water Valley, we were able to seize three thousand dollars and almost three-quarters of a pound of marijuana,” Humphreys said.

    • Deputies responded to a report of malicious mischief on Hwy. 315 on July 3.

    • Deputies took a report of harassing phone calls on County Road 4 on July 2.

    • Deputies assisted the Panola County Sheriff’s Department with a search at the Plum Point Boatlanding for a truck that had been reported submerged.


WATER VALLEY – Police still had to deal with the aftermath of the July 4 holiday a week after it ended.

On Monday, firefighters and police responded to a house on Blackmur Drive near the library where smoke was seen coming from the residence. It turned out the smoke was from bottle rockets being shot under the house.

Lt. Rick McCuan reported the following additional law enforcement activity within the Water Valley City limits during the past week:

• Made three arrests for driving under suspension;

• Made two arrests for DUI, first offense;

• Made an arrest for disorderly conduct;

• Made an arrest for no drivers license;

• Made an arrest for stalking;

• Took five reports of malicious mischief;

• Took a report of trespassing;

• Took a report of simple assault;

• Issued a citation for violation of the dog ordinance, running at large;

• Issued 34 traffic citations.

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