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Watermelon Carnival Suggestion Box

Let Carnival planners know what you think went right or wrong during the 2009 Watermelon Carnival. The Herald will make these comments available to local officials.

Constructive comments and critisisms would be helpful. For example, on the positive side, several vendors told the Herald that they appreciated the way they were treated this year. They commented that the Chamber was very helpful as well as the JA booth chairman.

On the negative side, their were complaints about the political booths. Several carnival goers said that they went to the carnival to have a good time and not to be approached by people with petitions. One suggestion was to not allow these people to wander in the park and, instead, make them remain at their booths. One vocal critic said that politicians and politics should be kept out of the park.

What do you think? Post your comment below, send it via email, drop it in the mail, or bring it by the Herald office.

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