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City Officials Approve 2009/2010 Budget

By Jack Gurner

WATER VALLEY – The Mayor and Board of Aldermen met briefly by window light on Wednesday, Sept. 9, to adopt the 2009-2010 budget.

The two-and-a-half minute meeting took place in the Mayor’s office because of the power outage that had put City Hall and the windowless boardroom in the dark.

Mayor Hart opened the session by explaining that $35,000 needed to be added to the budget. “Vivian and I have discovered that we came up short on the fire department section of the budget,” the Mayor said.

“We were basing our calculations on a 2080 hour work year, 52 weeks at 40 hours, and failed to take into account those guys work a 24 hour shift. And, that’s the only change we have to it.”

Ward 4 Alderman Larry Bell asked where the money would come from.

“It comes out of your income,” Hart explained. “It changes your year-end balance a little, but that’ll be no problem.”

The three Aldermen present voted unanimously to adopt the budget for 2010.

“She’s done and we’ll make her work,” Hart said.

Along with Bell, Alderman at Large Donald Gray, and Ward 3 Alderman Phillip Tallant attended. The next regular session will be Tuesday, Oct. 6.

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