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Garbage Pickup Problems Create Concern For County


David Howell

COFFEEVILLE – Problems with residential garbage service prompted county officials to request that a company official with Resourceful  Environmental Services (RES) meet with supervisors before a decision is made on renewing the company’s contract for an additional three years.

    Chancery Clerk Amy McMinn reported to supervisors during the Monday, Sept. 14 meeting,  that the current three-year contract expires January 31, 2010, but can be extended for a second three-year term unless the county elects to terminate the contract by written notice.

    “That’s coming up,” Board Attorney John Crow advised.

    “We need those people to come to talk to us,” Supervisor Tommy Vaughn said, as the topic then shifted from the contract to poor service provided by the company.

    “I know y’all are all satisfied with the garbage and these people, you have told me that a lot of times,” Surrette said. “But they are supposed to pick ours up on Wednesday, but it was late Friday night when they came and got ours.” Surrette also told supervisors that this is an ongoing problem, adding the company sometimes picked it up on Thursday or late Wednesday.

    “You don’t never know when to put it out, nobody out there knows. I guess we are the only people out there that is like that,” Surrette said.

    “No, you are not, Butch. In the past they gave us, in my opinion, pretty good service,” Vaughn replied. “But right now we are not getting it. I know there are some trucks broke down and some drivers quit.”

    “I understand that,” Surrette responded.

    “When you are in business, you are supposed to make allowances for those type of things,” Vaughn continued. “I hauled garbage myself, Saturday. I put out cans Friday night. This is not our job to do.”

    “When them dogs are turning that garbage over, we have been going around and picking it up. That ain’t no fun, I don’t care if you do work for the county, it is just not no fun,” Surrette said.

    “I think we need to get these people in here and ask them what they are going to do about the service,” Vaughn reiterated.

    “It is about time, Tommy, At one time it went fairly smooth and then it declined,” Board President Amos Sims weighed in on the discussion.

    “It went smooth, I guess all over the county except out there. It has never gone smooth out there, I am telling you what I know,” Surrette said.

    “They got some problems going on this morning, I have been on the phone with them,” Tillman said, reporting that a truck driver has quit.  Tillman also said as of Monday morning, Sept. 14, the company  reported to him that they had 15 cans to be caught up and they would be back rolling on schedule.

    McMinn then contacted the company and requested they meet with the board at their next meeting,, scheduled Sept. 30.

    Other business conducted at Monday’s meeting included:

    • Supervisors greed to host a legislative breakfast after Surrette asked  if board members were interested.

    “It is not a big buffet breakfast,” Surrette said, adding he would provide the meal.

    “We got local things we need to talk to them about rather than state things,” Surrette added.

    • Supervisors decided to purchase a van for Yalobusha County Coroner Ronnie Stark at state contract price. The decision to provide Ronnie a van came during the Tuesday, Sept. 8, meeting after Liz Reynolds offered to donate a van.

    Vaughn said recent events have shed a different light on the actual need for a van.

    “I know when this child got killed on Hwy. 315, you needed a van,” Vaughn explained. “I think we need a van, but as gracious an offer as that is, I don’t that y’all (Reynolds) should be required to buy us a vehicle because it is serving the people of Yalobusha County. We have the money to buy it,” Vaughn said.

    Reynolds agreed to continue to store bodies at no charge for the county and to serve as back-up if Stark was on another call with the van.

    • Approved applications to exceed the posted weight limits for two companies while logging in District 5. Harrison Logging Inc. received an application for logging on County Road 67 and Fred Yates received an application for logging on County Road 5.

By David Howell



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