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Coffeeville Aldermen Approve Beer Sales At Festival

Staff Report

COFFEEVILLE – Aldermen tackled two issue involving beer sales at the regular monthly meeting Tuesday, Sept. 1.

Tyler Wortham, Director of the Chamber of Commerce requested that the Board make an exception to the beer ordinance to allow beer sales on Front Street for the Town’s 175th Anniversary Celebration on Oct. 3.

According to the minutes, Alderman Bryan McCullough said he was against allowing beer sales at the celebration because it was being billed as a family event.

Alderman Michael Ayers questioned whether or not allowing one vendor to sell was going to offend other businesses in Town that also sell beer. Wortham explained that the Chamber of Commerce had selected Gerald Booker as the vendor who would be selling beer since he is a resident and operates a business in town.

Alderman Joe Bourn suggested that, if allowed, beer sales be limited to later in the day.

Ayers motioned to grant the exception to allow the beer sales on Front Street between 6:30 p.m. until 11 p.m. for the event.

McCullough voted against while Ayers, Bourn, George Miller, and Eva Longstreet voted for the motion.

Along with the time restriction, the exception also stated that patrons of legal age would be stamped; beer would only be allowed in cups; sales would be confined to Front Street; and no coolers would be allowed.

In the second beer related action, Aldermen amended the ordinance to allow the sale of 16 ounces or larger single containers. The original ordinance restricted single container sales to 24 ounces or larger.

Among other actions, the Board of Aldermen:

• Approved travel for Miller and McCullough on Sept. 23 and 24 and Ayers and Longstreet on Oct. 28 to attend Mississippi Rural Water Association Board Member Training.

• Agreed to purchase a mini-truck for $4,500 or less. The vehicle will be used by the Town crew to read water meters and for other day-to-day tasks.

• Voted to keep the current dog ordinance and modify it to meet future needs. The action came after discussion of a proposed vicious dog ordinance. Mayor Mack Burns expressed concerns that the proposed ordinance could not be enforced properly due to lack of resources.

• Restricted roadblock fundraising events on the Town’s thoroughfares. The issue had come before the Board before because of excessive roadblocks at the four-way stop, the minutes stated.

• Appointed Attorney Tommy Defer as the Town’s Prosecuting Attorney for $50 per month and $50 per appeal cases.

• Paid claims.

Along with the Mayor and Board, Town Clerk Patricia Moody, Police Chief Mark Martin, and City Attorney William L. Maxey were present.

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