Race Track Noise Prompts Complaint To Supervisors

Yalobusha Dirt Drags, Inc. was the site for the recent Rally in the Valley charity event that raised $2800 for a children’s village in Grenada.

Neighbors Agree To Work Together To Resolve Issue

By David Howell

COFFEEVILLE – Supervisors fielded a noise complaint stemming from weekend races at a dirt race track located off  County Road 103 at their “first Monday” meeting held in Coffeeville Nov. 2.

    Tommy Bailey, a resident of County Road 103, lodged a low-key complaint to supervisors, explaining that some of the trucks participating in the Sunday afternoon races were too loud.

    “I work six days a week and come from church on Sunday. I sometimes try to rest, but I can’t because of the noise,” Bailey told supervisors.

    The track’s owner and operator, Terry Nelson, was also at Monday’s meeting.

    Bailey also told supervisors that he did not want to keep Nelson from making a living, but repeated that some of the trucks were “too much.” He also told supervisors that a recent Rally in the Valley motorcycle event held at the track was not a problem.

    The race track is located in District Three, and Supervisor M.H. “Butch” Surrette was first to offer a recommendation about the issue.

    “If y’all could talk about it and work out something, that would be a great thing,” Surrette said as the topic shifted to the county’s options in the matter.

    “We don’t have a noise ordinance in the county, do we John?” Surrette asked Board Attorney John Crow.

    “No,” Supervisor Tommy Vaughn answered.                

    “Neither is there a provision for that purpose,” Crow answered.

    “Y’all are neighbors and I understand what you said,” Surrette told Bailey. “You have been mighty nice about what you said. You are not trying to stop anybody from doing anything. In the sanctuary in your own home, you would like to have some peace and quiet.”

    “That is the super trucks he is talking about,” Nelson explained. “We have some come in from Grenada and other places,” the track operator continued.  “They are super modified, I am sure that is the ones he is talking about,” Nelson added.

    “Is there any way you could quieten them down for your neighbor? Could y’all talk about that?” Surrette added.

    “Not only do we not have an ordinance, but there is no provision for one?” Surrette asked Crow again.

    “Well the county has no zoning, like many counties our shape and size. Nor is there any type of ordinance passed by counties like cities have about noise,” Crow explained. “Really the board has no jurisdiction to regulate what is going on out there. It is a matter of a civil nature that may or may not be addressed by the courts,” Crow continued.

    “To me the simplest solution is for y’all to get together and try to work something out,” Surrette reiterated.

    “And we will,” Nelson agreed.

    “I agree with what Butch said, I believe if y’all can communicate it will work out,” Board President Amos Sims added.

    “Yes, I have invested quite a bit of money out there,” Nelson said.

    “You have invested a lot of money out there. Mr. Bailey has a nice home over there.”

    “We will work together on that,” Nelson agreed.

About the Outfit

    Nelson, who was also on Monday’s agenda, then updated supervisors about his operation.

    “I  just want to say a couple of things about Yalobusha Dirt Drags, Inc.,” Nelson said.

    “We had Rally in the Valley last weekend. Had about 300 motorcycles out there,” Nelson said. The event raised $2800 for a children’s village in Grenada.

    Nelson also said there have been five races at his track this year. The races start after church and wind down around 5 p.m.

    “We had had about 450 spectators from the county out there,” Nelson said, adding that his business employs eight people, uses local companies for vending, advertising and supplies.

    “It brings a lot of money to the county,” Nelson continued. The track schedules one race a month, for a total of about five races per year.

    “We also plan on having antique tractor shows and antique tractor pulls,” Nelson said.

    “It is a business, it is there to make money,” Nelson concluded.


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