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WVHS Drama Club To Perform The Bachelor King

Everyone got the giggles – including Drama Club Sponsor Debra Anderson (left) director of the play – as Jillian Harris (right) delivers her lines as the ditzy cheerleader.

(View the play practice video on YouTube.)

   This year the Water Valley High School Drama Club will present The Bachelor King, a play written by Martin A. Follose and produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc., Englewood, Colorado.

  The performance date is Thursday, February 25, beginning at 7 p.m. in the Water Valley Civic Auditorium. The cost is $5 for school age students and the public.

  Not many fund raisers are as enjoyable as this one! Chaos and hilarity ensue in The Bachelor King, as the play combines several of your favorite reality TV shows into one hysterical spoof! The fun begins when poor King Evian (Michael Phillips) uses his last dying words, as he falls out the window, to pass royal succession not to greedy Prince Daft (Devin Cobb), but to Yokel (Cole Landry) a foolish, hillbilly.

   Every one agrees Yokel needs a wife to help him run the kingdom. Reminiscent of The Bachelor TV show, his staff brings in eligible young ladies to vie for the new king’s hand, including: Agatha Peabody (Danielle Tidwell), a high-society matron; Pricilla Tradewells-Ayers-Hollander-Morley (Kreniece Reid), a four-times-married gold digger; Sally Valley (Jillian Harris) a ditzy cheerleader from L.A.; Crushin’ Kanisha (Tatiana Doss), a New York City gangster-type; and Jane Claxton (Morgan Way), a true-hearted cowgirl from Texas

  The audience is sure to get involved as the five ladies are tested on their abilities in true American Idol fashion followed by a Survivor challenge. Of course Yokel has other problems to deal with—gasoline has skyrocketed, jobs are scarce, the stock market has tumbled and his self-appointed personal advisor, Fredrick Pilfer (Jesse Anderson), is busy draining the royal treasury. Fun and silliness ensue as Yokel sorts through the contenders to find his true love and save his kingdom from ruin!

  Other cast members include: Frankie Holland, Autumn Mooney, Mary Cloud Taylor, Timothy Perkins, Emily Rone, Jessica Lowery, Kegan Fisk, Jessica Cobb, Chasity Crowder, Jasmine Hawkins, Holly Bounds, Brittany Hodge, and Amber Mooney. Student assistants are Lorin Moser, Daimion Polland, and Josh Terrell. Debra Anderson is the Drama Club Sponsor and director of the play.

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