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Chase Ends With Arrest

Police and Deputies examine an old model Lincoln involved in a high-speed chase last Wednesday. From left are Deputy Thomas West, Officer Luther Folson, Deputy Ryan Winters, Chief Mike King, Officer Steve Story and Deputy Jermaine Gooch. – Photo by Jack Gurner

Staff Report

WATER VALLEY – A Water Valley man was arrested following a late night pursuit by Water Valley police and sheriff’s deputies.

Gage Moss, 21, was charged with second offense DUI, driving with a suspended driver’s license and no proof of insurance. He was also ticketed for numerous driver’s license, according to Sheriff Lance Humphreys.

The chase began around midnight last Wednesday when Water Valley police officer Luther Folson spotted an old model Lincoln running without headlights. When Folson attempted to stop the car, the driver fled down South Main.

Folson alerted the dispatcher that he was in pursuit of the fleeing vehicle and officer Steve Story, who was patrolling in another part of the city, headed south to assist Folson.

The Lincoln left the city on County Road 436 and turned onto CR 95 with Folson following at a safe distance calling his location to the dispatcher. He reported that the passenger was throwing items out the window.

Deputies Ryan Winters and Jermaine Gooch were on patrol in the county and headed toward the area to assist. They were joined by deputy Thomas West.

Meanwhile, Police Chief Mike King had been contacted and radioed for Folson to disengage and allow the deputies to take over.

Folson and Story were headed back toward the city when the deputies reported that the Lincoln was headed west on CR 15 and then CR 90 toward Hwy. 7. The vehicle turned north on Hwy. 7 and then attempted to turn west on CR 96. It left the road and crashed.

Deputies radioed that the two male whites were in custody around 12:35 a.m.

“This was a good joint effort between the two agencies to get this driver stopped and off the road,” Humphreys reported about the incident.

Humphreys said the evasion did not trigger felony charges as the driver did not endanger other motorists’ lives during the chase.

“Speeds got over 70 miles per hour on the highway, but deputies only encountered one passing motorist during the pursuit,” Humphreys explained.

Moss and a passenger were transported to the police department on North Main after they were arrested.

“He told the deputy he ran because his driver’s license was suspended,” the sheriff added.

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