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‘A Thankful Heart Is A Happy Heart’

Cans For A Cause Food Drive Members of the Davidson Elementary School Student Council helped gather some of the nearly 3000 cans of food collected for the Cans for a Cause food drive. The Council members are Garrett Bynum, Sarah Davis, Kenny Goolsby, Caroline Taylor, Ty Varner, Coley Taylor, Jacob Marker, Maegan Avant, Taylor Anne Trusty, Gabe Edwards, Mahogony Jones, D.J Spearman, Caryle Washington, Hannah Higdon, Tara Pryor, Joseph Washington, and Ray Turner. Hannah Higdon is project coordi

What Layla is thankful for.

The theme for many of the youngsters drawings was family. This poster is from Jemiah.

Chase is a man who knows how to enjoy Thanksgiving. We guys like a nap after a long, hard meal.

Roy the pet rooster and part of the “herd” from Jacob’s drawing.

In case you were wondering what teacher Jill Hill looked like, here is how Ashaunti drew “my sweet teacher, Mrs. Hill.”

Davidson Assistant Principal Grace Dickerson reacts to being welcomed by the kindergarten kids.

Music teacher Mary Freeman directs the songs during the Character Program Friday at the school.

Mrs. Freeman wrote the words to all the songs sung by the students including the DES school song.

Little voices made a big sound as they sang the DES school song.

The kindergarten students welcome the new assistant principal with “We Love Ms. Dickerson.”

Mary Freeman was telling the kindergarten students about Dickerson and they couldn’t place who she was or what she did. Freeman explained the chain of command to the youngsters: “If Mr. Drewery has to go away or if he gets sick, Mrs. Dickerson is the boss of the school. I thought that was a good enough explanation until the kids came back next week and a little girl raised her hand and asked, ‘but what if she gets sick or goes away? Who’ll be the boss then?’ So, I said, I guess I’ll have to ta

The first graders sing the Friend Song. “One thing I notice on hall duty every morning and this struck me when I first started working at this school, especially kindergarten and first. As they walk down the hall in the morning. It does not matter what color their skin is; it does not matter if they are a boy or a girl. They have hands clasped and they are holding on to each other. They love their friends here.”

This group of girls sang a welcome song to new Superintendent, Dr. Deborah Moran. In no particluar order: T. K. Hervey, Megan Green, Hannah Higdon, Sarah Davis, Gerra Spence, Alyssa Camfield, Caryl Washington, Ragon Shaw, Savannah McGavock, Carolyn Tyler, Audrey Butler, Brittney Adams, and Caitlin LaCook.

The 4th graders sing “Teacher Love.”

Alyssa Camfield sang ‘Caring People’ to show thanks for the many people who give their time to help out at DES.

Emilee Moser and Taylor Anne Trusty sang ‘DES’ in honor of their school.

View the video of the Character Program songs on our YouTube site.

By Jack Gurner

WATER VALLEY – The true spirit of Thanksgiving became more real to the students at Davidson Elementary School last week as the youngsters participated in projects to help them understand what it means to be thankful.

One of the projects was the third annual “Cans for a Cause” food drive that netted 2,712 cans for needy families, according to project coordinator Hannah Higdon, a member of the Student Council.

The students competed to see which class could collect the most cans of food, which are then donated to Compassion Ministries for distribution. On Thursday Student Council members spent part of the morning loading a trailer to transport the food.

Up and down the halls, the youngsters had posted comments and drawings related to Thanksgiving. The major theme – other than turkeys – was to express “what I am thankful for.”

One little girl named Layla had drawn a poster of the various things for which she is thankful. Along with her mom, dad, and her teacher, Layla is also thankful for Jesus, bugs, her school bus, church, her howse (house), fire fiters (firefighters), pepele (people), and the whole world. She didn’t want to leave anyone out.

Not far away, the youngsters in Mrs. Jill Hill’s classroom were putting their thoughts on paper for the Herald. Shaniana wrote that she is thankful for her clothes and shoes, while John is thankful for food. Colin and Nick were more specific. Colin is thankful for cake and Nick for water.

Caitlyn said that she is thankful for her Dad and Granddad and Colin is thankful for his health and strength.

Kimberly said that she is most thankful for the Indians and pilgrims and Martavius is thankful for Thanksgiving “to eat on a holiday.”

Haley is thankful for her Gameboy, Camya for her DS game, and Kameron for his PSP.

Jacob said that he is thankful for his pet rooster Roy. “When he crows I get up and also protect the herd,” he wrote.

Jasmine wrote that she is thankful for education and Ashaunti said that she is thankful “for my sweet teacher, Mrs. Hill.”

Character Program

On Friday morning the students participated in the yearly Character Program that emphasizes the six pillars of good character; respect, responsibility, fairness, kindness, trustworthiness, and good citizenship.

The students gathered in the gym and sang about being thankful under the direction of Mary Freeman, music teacher. “Part of good citizenship is being thankful and that is what we are going to sing about today. And, especially thankful for our school, Davidson Elementary,” Freeman said.

The first group to entertain were the kindergarten students who sang about how much they love their new assistant principal, Grace Dickerson.

The first graders followed and sang the friend song that tells how happy they are when they are with their best friend.

Other songs honored new Superintendent, Dr. Deborah Moran, DES Principal Chester Drewery, the DES staff and the many volunteers.

Freeman ended the program by saying, “Remember to be thankful for faith, family, freedom and friends this Thanksgiving. And, remember that a thankful heart is a happy heart.”

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