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Club Owners Seek Beer Permit

By David Howell

COFFEEVILLE – An application for a county permit to sell beer submitted by the operators of a recreation center located at the old Yalobusha Academy on County Road 436 was denied by supervisors after the applicants did not have the accompanying state permit.

    Club owners Donald and Tyrone Hayes submitted the application for their business, Hayes Recreation.

    “They are stating in their application that they are going to sell sandwich food,” Chancery Clerk Amy McMinn told supervisors at the “first Monday” meeting  on Jan. 4 at the Coffeeville Courthouse. “They have not submitted their state permit,” McMinn added.

    “Where is that at,” District 1 Supervisor Tommy Vaughn asked.

    “At the old YA (Yalobusha Academy) building,” McMinn responded.

    “What kind of food are they going to sell?” Vaughn asked.

    “It says sandwiches,” McMinn answered.

    “That doesn’t meet the qualifications,” Vaughn res-ponded, referring to the county’s beer ordinance that restricts the sale of cold beer for on-premise consumption unless food is served.

     The beer ordinance was adopted following the December, 11, 2007 referendum in which county voters approved the sale of beer in the county.

    “For hot beer it does,” District 3 Supervisor M.H. “Butch” Surrette answered.

    “Is that going to be a grocery store?” Vaughn asked.

    “I think it is going to be just what it was,” Surrette said, referring to sporadic violence at the club, also known as the Grand Palace, including a 2008 shooting that injured five people.

    “Their operating hours show from 9:30 at night to 2:30 in the morning on Friday night. They would have to stop selling alcohol at midnight,” Sheriff Lance Humphreys explained, referring to the information submitted in the application.

    “They don’t even have a state permit, you don’t have to address it,” Board Attorney John Crow ad-vised.

    “When they get a state permit, they have to fall back on our regulations – food, advertisement and hot and cold,” Surrette added, again referring to the county’s beer ordinance which stipulates that a percentage of business’ sales must be from food sales. The food sales are required if an establishment is going to serve cold beer for on-premise consumption. The ordinance also restricts advertising beer products, including displaying signs in a window.

    Other business discussed at the meeting included:

    • Approved the donation of a radio from the sheriff’s department to the Town of Oakland.

    • Approved a list of homestead corrections presented by Tax Assessor/Collector Linda Shuffield. The first list submitted was to change the homestead exemption status from regular to disabled. The changes approved were for Lloyd and Emma L. Garner, John M. and Paula S. Hooper, Kyna Rae Logan, Robert D. and Jackie Willarde Summers, Darrel G. and Anna Faye Dorris, Bobby J. and Kathy R. Stribling, James H. and Mollie Faye Schmitz, Mae N. Powell, Willie T. and Margie Avants and Walter Henry and Erma Johnson Rowsey.

    The second list of corrections was approved for people who had turned 65 and had not initially filed the necessary paperwork. This list included Lawyer Crowder, Martha Strickland, Rufus Spearman, Josie Drane and Helen Owens Caldwell.

    • Set a recessed meeting date for Jan. 24 in Coffeeville at 9 a.m.

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