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Population In Yalobusha Has Declined

By Jack Gurner

WATER VALLEY – Yalobusha County’s population has dropped by 373 people since 2000, according to just-released data from the 2010 Census.

There were 12,678 people in the county in 2010 compared to 13,051 in 2000.

Last Thursday the U.S. Census Bureau released detailed 2010 population totals and demographic characteristics to state leaders in Mississippi. Over the last decade years, the state’s population grew from 2,844,658 in 2000 to 2,967,297 in 2010.

The official 2010 Census Redistricting Data Summary File data will be used to realign congressional and state legislative districts, taking into account population shifts since the 2000 Census.

The population of Yalobusha’s five Supervisor Districts goes from a high of 3064 people in District 3 to a low of 2017 people in District 2. District 1 has 2864 people, District 4 has 2551, and District 5 has 2182.

The data showed that Yalobusha County’s town and cities have also lost population over the ten-year period since the last Census. Water Valley dropped from 3677 to 3392; Coffeeville went from 930 to 905; Oakland from 586 to 527; and Tillatoba from 121 to 91.

The racial makeup of Yalobusha County is 60 percent white and 38 percent black. The black population is down by a percentage point from 2000, according to the 2010 Census data.

The population of Lat-ino/Hispanic decent is up by 24, going from 127 in 2000 to 151 in 2010.

The racial makeup for Water Valley is 56 percent white and 42 percent black. The white population is down a percentage point since 2000 while the black population is up by two points. The Latino/ Hispanic population has dropped from 44 to 38, the figures show.

Coffeeville’s racial makeup is 56 percent black and 42 percent white with Latino/Hispanic population of 10. Oakland has a 75.5 percent black population and 24 percent white with 10 Latino/Hispanic. Tillatoba is 93.4 percent white.

Yalobusha County’s population has varied over the years since the first count in 1840 show a population of 12,248. It reached a high 100 years ago of 21,519 for the 1910 Census and a low in 1970 of 11,915.

Data for Mississippi showed that the five most populous incorporated places and their 2010 Census counts are Jackson, 173,514; Gulfport, 67,793; Southaven, 48,982; Hatties-burg, 45,989; and Biloxi, 44,054. Jackson decreased by 5.8 percent since the 2000 Census. Gulfport decreased by 4.7 percent.

The largest county is Hinds with a population of 245,285. Its population decreased by 2.2 percent since 2000. The other counties in the top five include Harrison, with a population of 187,105 (decrease of 1.3 percent); DeSoto, population of 161,252 (increase of 50.4 percent); Rankin, population of 141,617 (in-crease of 22.8 percent); and Jackson, population of 139,668 (increase of 6.3 percent).

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