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Law Enforcement Report

Seized during the recent drug bust was $1,881 in cash, a 9mm pistol, a small amount of marijuana and other drug paraphernalia.

Sullivan, White, Shelnutt

Arrests Made In Pair Of Drug Busts

By David Howell

OAKLAND – Four people have been arrested in two separate drug busts, one in Tillatoba and one in Oakland.

    The first bust was made last Tuesday night following a traffic stop. Sheriff Lance Humphreys reported that deputy Ryan Winters stopped Greg Sullivan when he noticed Sullivan did not have a tag.

    Sullivan was initially charged with DUI and possession of marijuana. During the stop, Winters was also able to obtain information about possible drug activity and Sullivan consented to allow a search at his residence, located at 27458 Hwy. 330 in Tillatoba.

    “When we entered his residence, Jess White and Lise Shelnutt were discovered with multiple precursors used to manufacture meth,” Humphreys reported.

    All three were charged with possession of two or more precursors. White is also charged with possession of methamphetamine.

    “White had the narcotics in his hand when we entered the residence,” Humphreys said.             During an initial appearance, Justice Court Judge Steve Riley set a $150,000 bond for Sullivan and Shelnutt.  Both remain in the Yalobusha County Jail.

    Bond was not set for White, who pled guilty just two days after his arrest for an earlier charge for possession of drug precursors in Grenada County.

    “He was sentenced to 10 years to serve and 10 years probation for the same crime,” Humphreys said.

    The sheriff added that information obtained during this arrest could led to more meth cases from users in the Tillatoba area.

Second Bust

    Four nights later the sheriff’s department and Oakland Police Depart-ment were back in action after Oakland Police Chief Russ Smith had information allowing the sheriff’s department to obtain a search warrant for Melinda Purnell’s home on 11306 Hwy, 51, just south of Oakland.

    Purnell, 38, was arrested and charged with possession of 30 grams or more of cocaine, after a search of her home revealed 30 grams of alleged crack cocaine and 12 grams of alleged powder cocaine.

    The charge carries a maximum 30 years in prison and up to a million dollar fine.

    “We had been after her for a while,” Humphreys said.

    Also seized at the residence was $1,881 in cash, a 9mm pistol, a small amount of marijuana and other drug paraphernalia.

    Sadly, Humphreys said Purnell has three kids who were all at her residence at the time of the arrest.

    She appeared before Justice Court Judge Gary Tippit on Sunday in an initial appearance and a $25,000 bond was set. Humphreys said she posted bond the same day.


City Crime Report

WATER VALLEY – Lt. Rick McCuan reported the following law enforcement activity within the Water Valley City limits during the past week:

• Made three arrests for driving under suspension;

• Made three arrests for simple domestic assault;

• Made an arrest for DUI, first offense;

• Took a report of petty larceny;

• Took a report of false pretense;

• Took a report of disorderly conduct;

• Issued 12 traffic citations.

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