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Husband, Wife Charged With Stealing Puppy

By David Howell

TILLATOBA – A Eupora couple were arrested and charged with stealing a puppy after a bizarre twist of events led to their capture.

    Cary and Robert Medders were charged with grand larceny and burglary after they allegedly took a four-month old Maltese puppy and a grill from a home on Hwy. 330 near Tillatoba, according to Yalobusha County Sheriff Lance Humphreys.

    “The homeowner’s son saw a suspicious van parked in their driveway and initially questioned the pair,” Humphreys said. “They told him they were looking for property to purchase, and then drove away.”

    When the homeowner came home, he quickly noticed his new puppy, which was inside the house, and a grill were missing.

    Deputies got their first  break in the case after the suspicious son had recorded the tag information from the van and learned the suspects were from Choctaw County.

    “Ironically, both the victim and the suspects were from Choctaw County,” Humphreys said. The victim, who was also friends with the Choctaw County Sheriff, called and alerted authorities about the theft.

    The next morning a part-time Choctaw County deputy, who also drives a school bus, picked up the suspect’s six year-old daughter Monday morning as he ran his routine bus route.

    “The daughter got on the school bus talking about her brand new puppy,” Humphreys explained.

    On Tuesday, Feb. 15, Yalobusha deputies traveled to Choctaw County and recovered the puppy and grill. Choctaw deputies arrested Robert Medders later than night and he was also transported back to Yalobusha County and charged the next day.

    “We charged his wife when she came to bond him out,” Humphreys added.

    Cary Medders denied that the dog was inside the home when they got it, according to Humphreys. Instead, she said her six-year old daughter, who was with them when the dog and grill were stolen, saw the dog outside and picked it up.

    “Sadly, she said her six-year old daughter wanted the puppy as a pet,” Humphreys said.

    The puppy and grill were valued at more than $500, triggering the grand larceny charge.

    “They had paid more than $400 for the puppy,” Humphreys said.

    In other law enforcement news:

    • Deputies took a report of a stolen four-wheeler on County Road 153 near Oakland on Feb. 20. This is the second ATV reported stolen in the county this month.

    “It is sad to say, but I would encourage everyone to take their keys out of their four-wheelers and park it where it is not visible from the road,” Humphreys said.

    Neighboring Tallahatchie County has also had several ATVs reported stolen, Hum-phreys added.

    “We feel like the people are riding around, looking for a good opportunity. They can load your four-wheeler and be gone in several minutes,” the sheriff explained. County Road 153 is a dead end road in a rural part of the county, he added.

    • Deputies took a report of vandalism on Evergreen Drive on Feb. 20.

    “Someone took shaving gel and Comet cleaning solution and wrote obscenities in the yard,” Humphreys said.

    • Deputies took a report of domestic violence on County Road 436 on Feb. 21. The victim filed charges.

    • Deputies took a report of stalking on Hwy. 32. The victim also filed charges in this case.

    • Deputies made an arrest for DUI and no proof of liability insurance.

    • Deputies are working a burglary reported on County Road 15.

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