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Law Enforcement Report

Oakland police seized drugs and money when they arrested Hosea Coffey.

Stolen ATV Recovered In Panola

By David Howell

WATER VALLEY – A four-wheeler stolen from County Road 153 near Oakland on Feb. 20 was recovered in Panola County.

    Sheriff Lance Humphreys reported that a Charleston man will be charged in the theft after Panola deputies discovered the ATV while working an unrelated home burglary. The suspect fled from Panola deputies on foot and has not been apprehended.

    The ATV was identified using the serial number.

    Last week Humphreys had cautioned the public after several ATVs were reported stolen from western Yalobusha and eastern Tallahatchie counties.

    “We believe our suspect could be linked to additional crimes and are working with Tallahatchie authorities in this case,” Humphreys added.

    Panola deputies also observed the suspect toss a pistol in a pond when he fled, Humphreys added. The suspect is a convicted felon. Humphreys said Panola deputies were unsuccessful in locating the submerged pistol.

    In other law enforcement news:

    • Worked an ATV accident after a 19 year-old Senatobia woman was injured at Enid Dam near Bynum Creek Saturday night.

    Humphreys reported the female was a passenger on the ATV when it hit a stump, flipping the four-wheeler. She was air-lifted to the Regional Medical Center in Memphis.

    • Took a report of false pretenses in Coffeeville after two people alleged a fundraiser was fraudulent.      According to the report, one parent sold $260 of cookie dough and another $180 in a fundraiser to foot the bill for the  school basketball team to travel to Memphis and watch a Grizzly NBA game.

    When they turned in the money for the cookie dough, the suspect never provided the product. Both parents reimbursed the money from the cookie dough sales to the customers, but have been unable to recoup their losses.

    “We took this report Friday and it remains under investigation,” Humphreys said.

    • Worked a traffic accident on Hwy. 32 after a motorist hit a dog.

    • Took a report of a stolen firearm. The gun was reported missing by owner’s son, who said it was taken almost six months ago.

    • Took a report of grand larceny on County Road 100 on Feb. 22. The complainant alleged her boyfriend had stolen a laptop computer and other items.

    • Took a report of malicious mischief on County Road 294 on Feb. 22.

    “We have identified suspects in this case,” Humphreys said.

    • Took a report of simple assault and domestic violence on County Road 125. Charges will be filed in justice court.


WV Police Arrest Six On Drug Charges

By Jack Gurner

WATER VALLEY – Police arrested six people Saturday night for felony possession of marijuana.

The four adults and two juveniles were taken into custody around 6:50 p.m. at 708 South Main Street, according to Officer A. J. Hernandez.

They are: Reggie Benson, 23; Jordan Brown, 18; Xavier Benson, 19; Jordan Woodard, 20; and a male juvenile, 17; all of Water Valley. The second 17-year-old male juvenile is from Memphis.

The two juveniles have been charged as adults. The arrests came as the result of the investigation of information supplied to police.

Under Mississippi law, possession of more than 30 grams (1.05 ounces) of marijuana is a felony.

Officer Hernandez reported the following additional law enforcement activity within the Water Valley city limits during the past two weeks:

• Made three arrests for driving under suspension;

• Made three arrests for violation of the city dog ordinance;

• Made three arrests for simple domestic assault, one with an added charge of malicious mischief;

• Made two arrests for disorderly conduct;

• Made an arrest for disturbance of the family;

• Made an arrest for simple assault;

• Made an arrest for simple assault and child in need of supervision;

• Made an arrest for disturbing the peace, loud music;

• Made an arrest for possession of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance;

• Made an arrest for possession of marijuana and possession of crack cocaine;

• Made an arrest on a City warrant;

• Made an arrest on a MDOC warrant for parole violation;

• Took two reports of vehicle accidents;

• Took two reports of civil disputes;

• Took a report of a death by natural causes;

• Took a report of petty larceny;

• Took a report of grand larceny-embezzlement;

• Took a report of conspiracy to commit a crime;

• Took a report of burglary;

• Took a report of malicious mischief;

• Took a report of a domestic incident;

• Issued 28 traffic citations.

Oakland Police Make Drug Arrest

Staff Report

OAKLAND – An Oakland man was arrested Monday after police seized 50 grams of apparent marijuana and $2,587 in cash.

    Oakland Police Chief Russ Smith reported Hosea Coffey was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Coffey was released on a $25,000 bond.

    In other Oakland police news:

• Allen Mckinney was arrested after allegedly shoplifting two 20 pack cases of Budweiser beer from Exxon Gas Mart on January 31, according to Smith. Mckinney was also charged with arson for allegedly attempting to burn a mobile home on Redbud St in Oakland in early February. He is being held at the Yalobusha County Jail on a $5,000 bond.

• Oakland Police continue to investigate a counterfeiting ring and expect charges to be filed later this week, according to Smith.

“Our department has been investigating this case after consistently receiving counterfeit $20 bills at local businesses,” Smith reported.

The chief advised that anyone who comes in contact with a $20 bill that doesn’t look real contact your local police or bank before attempting to use it.

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