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Police Make Felony Drug Arrests

By Jack Gurner

WATER VALLEY – Officer A. J. Hernandez reported that Police made two felony drug arrests within the city limits over the past week.

On Mar. 15, Ja’Nicholas Scott, 29, of Water Valley was arrested for felony possession of marijuana during a traffic stop of Hwy. 7.

Hernandez said that the officer detected an odor of marijuana and obtained permission to search the vehicle. The alleged marijuana was found in possession of Scott, a passenger in the car.

In an unrelated incident, Shena Turner, 22, of Water Valley was arrested for possession with intent to sell on Mar. 18.

Officers from the WVPD, agents from the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, and Sheriff Lance Humphreys were serving a warrant at 911 Stevens Street when they found the alleged marijuana and other controlled substances.

Officer Hernandez reported the following additional law enforcement activity in Water Valley during the past three weeks:

• Made two arrests for simple assault;

• Made two arrests for public drunk;

• Made two arrests for no drivers license;

• Made two arrests for shoplifting;

• Made an arrest for contempt of court;

• Made an arrest for driving under suspension;

• Made an arrest for possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle;

• Made an arrest for possession of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance;

• Made an arrest on a Lafayette County warrant;

• Made an arrest for disturbing the peace, loud music;

• Made an arrest on a city warrant;

• Made an arrest for disorderly conduct;

• Made an arrest for violation of the city dog ordinance, running at large;

• Took three reports of vehicle accidents;

• Took three reports of simple assault;

• Took two reports of civil disputes;

• Took two reports of disorderly conduct;

• Took a report of discharging a firearm and simple assault;

• Took a report of grand larceny;

• Took a report of burglary;

• Took a report of malicious mischief;

• Took a report of an attempt to commit an offense;

• Took a report of a disturbance;

• Took a report of child desertion;

• Took a report of trespassing;

• Took a report of joyriding;

• Issued 33 traffic citations.

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