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Possible Sighting Lends Credibility To Creature’s Return

Photograph from the late 1990’s of the creature in the Wagner Street culvert.

WATER VALLEY – The creature known as the Town Creek Monster has reappeared after not having been seen since the late 1990’s.

He was spotted after midnight Friday on Duncan Street rummaging through the garbage behind the new Rounders Pizza, according to a witness who was being driven home by a friend. “He was really ugly and smelled bad,” she told the Herald on condition of anonymity.

“But I was in no condition to drive and he was the only one who would give me a lift,” she added.

She said they passed the monster just about the time he found what appeared to be a slice of pepperoni with extra cheese. “I saw the pizza first and thought, ‘Man, that looks good.’ Then I saw the big, hairy guy holding it.”

The witness said that the creature appeared to be frightened and ran north to Church Street, then turned toward Main Street.

“He was probably headed toward SprintMart to get a Coke to go with the pizza,” she added. “It’s sad, you know. They were closed by then. I don’t know if he ever got anything to drink with that pizza.”

The creature was thought to have disappeared several years ago after the work on Town Creek. But, several recent reports of strange sightings have some believing the Town Creek Monster has returned.

If you have seen anything strange that you think might be the creature, please post your sighting below. If you have a photo, send it to   

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