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MBN, Local Police Recover Stolen Goods

By David Howell

COFFEEVILLE – Local law enforcement officials assisted the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics (MBN) execute a search warrant that led to the recovery of stolen items from multiple  burglaries in and around Coffeeville, the seizure of more than $23,000 and one arrest.

    Mark Moody of Coffeeville was arrested after MBN agents, along with the sheriff’s department and the Coffeeville Police Department executed the search warrant at his residence at 237 Rayburn Street last Friday morning, according to Sheriff Lance Humphreys. He was charged with possession of stolen property.

    “Coffeeville and our department were assisting MBN,” Humphreys told the Herald. “The search warrant allowed us to check for stolen property and possible narcotics.”

    MBN obtained the warrant after receiving a tip from an informant.     The property recovered included a camera taken from the Coffeeville School District last September, a lawnmower reported stolen last week and a number of electronic items, the sheriff added.

    “These items can be traced to at least two different home burglaries, plus other crimes,” Humphreys continued.

    During the search, authorities seized $7,561 from Moody’s residence as well as a number of old coins. MBN was also able to obtain a second warrant to search Moody’s safety deposit at Mechanics Bank and seized another $16,000.

    Additional arrests are anticipated, according to the sheriff.

    “We are working hard to apprehend several suspects who allegedly delivered the stolen goods to Moody,” Humphreys said.

    In other law enforcement news:

    • Deputies responded to a report of a missing boater on Friday night, May 20.

    • Deputies answered a disturbing the peace call on County Road 118 on May 21.

    • Deputies investigated a larceny on County Road 179, also known as Cossar State Park Road. A tiller was reported stolen, according to the sheriff.

    • Deputies answered a disturbance of the family call on Hwy. 32 on May 32.

    • Deputies worked a theft of batteries reported missing by a contractor working near O’Tuckolofa. Humphreys said the contractors were paving for the U.S. Corps of Engineers and reported the batteries missing on May 18.

    “We have a suspect in this case,” Humphreys said.

    Anyone with information about these crimes or any others is urged to contact Yalobusha County Crime-Stoppers at 1-866-933-TIPS or 473-4935. Tips can also be sent by email to:

    CrimeStoppers callers are never required to reveal their identity nor testify in court.

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