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School Trustees Juggle Routine Maintenance, Budget

Renovations are well underway at Water Valley Schools including this roof work by Marchbanks Specialty Co. Elvis Maglothin, a foreman with the local firm, is heat sealing a seam in the Duro-Last roofing system material being applied to the Junior High School building. – Photo by Jack Gurner

By Jack Gurner

WATER VALLEY – School Board Trustees addressed the continuing issue of balancing maintenance and budget at their June meeting.

Casey Washington questioned if there was any repairs that needed to be done before school started in August. “I want to make sure we are within our budget constraints,” he said. “But, I don’t feel like we can continue to put things off.”

Washington suggested getting a list from the principals of items that need attention. “I’m not talking about big budget items, I’m talking about little things that add up.”

Taylor Trusty also suggested that they be asked to look at little things “like ceiling fan blades and switch plate covers…receptacle covers. The kind of things you have to deal with every year.”

Superintendent Dr. Deborah Moran said that she would contact both principals and ask what they needed fixed.

“I just think while school’s out is a great time to address those issues,” said Washington. He added that the district should also look into getting the sewer line repaired. “Let’s just fix it. It’s a problem year after year after year.

“We’ve been talking about that sewer problem for five years now,” said Trusty. “We need to do that.”

Washington added that he would be for putting up to fifty thousand dollars toward the maintenance issues. “I don’t think it’ll take a whole lot. A little bit will go a long way.” He added that new Superintendent Kim Chrestman should be involved.

Among other actions at the June 6 meeting, the Board of Trustees:

• Tabled for later action bids for replacing the boiler at Davidson Elementary.

• Accepted a bid from Mechanics Bank as the School District’s depository at .77 percent annual percentage yield – down from last year’s bid of 1.02 percent.

• Disposed of a computer.

• Heard the superintendent’s report.

Dr. Moran told board members that MCT2 and SATP Data would be available June 24.  “Our English II results are back and all but one student passed the test.”

Deviating from her prepared statement, the superintendent explained that the English II testing took place on “tornado day,” referring to Wednesday, Apr. 27, when a series of devastating storms roared through the south.

“Those children spent five of the seven hours in tornado mode. So, we did not expect the fantastic results we received,” she said. “I want you gentlemen to know that was a day to be remembered.”

Dr. Moran continued that renovations at the high school were going well and she praised the two local firms involved. “The fine people associated with Hill Construction and March-banks are really putting forth great effort to get this project completed. It’s been a wonderful experience so far.”

The report is reproduced in full on the Herald’s website ( as well as on the school District’s website.

• Entered executive session to discuss personnel issues after meeting in regular session for just over 40 minutes.

The next scheduled Board meeting is Monday, June 20. The public hearing for the 2012 Budget is set for June 23 at 6:30.


Superintendent’s Report

By Dr. Deborah Moran

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly congratulate our Valedictorian, Jake Moorehead, and Salutatorian, Anna True.  The ceremony was wonderful.  Jake and Anna made such memorable speeches.  I will also remember always the poem “Ode to Junior High” by Drew Pratt.  Congratulations to the families of our graduates and I wish all of them great success in their endeavors.

Summer School and our Summer Feeding Program started today at Davidson Elementary.

Our data will be verified by the end of this week and will be in my next superintendent report.

MCT2 and SATP Data will be available June 24th.  Our English II results are back and all but one student passed the test!  Congratulations!  I hope to be able to report the other results before I leave the district. 

As you can see if you visit our office or the high school, the renovations are going very well.  The fine people associated with Hill Construction and Marchbanks are really putting forth great effort to get this project completed.  We have had absolutely no problems that I am aware of.  I am very pleased with the job and the people doing the job.

Let me begin by saying the efforts put forth by our calendar committee are greatly appreciated.  However, after experiencing one full school year I met with both principals and with their input and your comments I have made the following recommendations to the calendar for next school year to maximize student learning time, give the faculty the holidays that are valued, and end the school year as early as possible.  This calendar was approved by our Board of Trustees. 

Our next scheduled Board Meeting is next Monday, June 20th.   We scheduled our Public Hearing for the 2012 Budget for June 23rd at 6:30.

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