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Shaw Offers Check From Land Acquisition

The old bridge on CR 131 over Turkey Creek.

By David Howell

    Yalobusha supervisors heard from Democratic governor candidate and Yalobusha resident Guy Dale Shaw during the “first Monday” meeting held June 6.

    Shaw,  who was not on the meeting agenda, attempted to give the county a check for $194. The money was payment from the county for right-of-way land acquired by the county from Shaw following an eminent domain court case.

    Last year the county sued Shaw in Circuit Court after he declined a request from the county to obtain land adjacent to a bridge on County Road 131 in District 2.

     Shaw owned the property surrounding the bridge and told county officials that he would not allow access to the property.

    Shaw argued that the bridge work on County Road 131 would cause Turkey Creek to flood his property.

    The check was one of two Shaw received as payment for the appraised value of the property ordered by the judge during the circuit court hearing.

    Instead of advising supervisors to accept the check, Board Attorney John Crow advised Shaw to cash the check and then make a donation if he wanted to return the money to the county.

    Shaw countered, telling Crow that he was not going to cash the check.

    After the exchange, Crow then advised Shaw to return the check to the Circuit Court file uncashed.

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