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Mother, Son Charged In Shooting

Beverly Davis and Dustin Davis each face aggravated assault and conspiracy to commit aggravated assault for their alleged role in the shooting of Joe Davis. The shooting occurred on County Road 107 (above) last Tuesday night. – Photos provided

By David Howell

WATER VALLEY – A Water Valley man has survived a gun shot to the head while his wife and son have been charged in connection with the shooting that occurred last Tuesday night.

    Yalobusha Sheriff Lance Humphreys reported that Joe Davis is recovering in the Regional Medical Center in Memphis after being shot with a large  caliber handgun in the back of the head at his residence on County Road 107 near the Water Valley airport.

    His 16 year-old son, Dustin Davis, and wife, Beverly Davis, were arrested last week and were charged with aggravated assault and conspiracy to commit aggravated assault.

    Humphreys said Joe Davis was airlifted to the Regional Medical Center in Memphis, but was able to “get up and walk out of the trailer” when he was transported from his residence.

    “It was touch-and-go for a couple days, but they were able to remove the bullet and he is now recovering,” Humphreys reported.

    Two days after the shooting, Beverly Davis, 40,  agreed to leave the Memphis hospital, where she was with her husband, and accompany Humphreys and a Mississippi Bureau of Investigation (MBI) agent to a Memphis police precinct for questioning.

    “She was charged after a lengthy interview,” Hum-phreys said.

    Dustin Davis was arrested a day after his mother, and is in the Yalobusha County Jail. Justice Court Judge Gary Tippit set a $25,000 bond during an initial appearance Monday, $20,000 for aggravated assault and $5,000 for conspiracy to commit aggravated assault.

    Justice Court Judge Steve Riley set a $75,000 bond for Beverly Davis Tuesday, after she was extradited back to Mississippi. She had remained in Tennessee following her arrest until an extradition hearing could be held.

    “He (Dustin) admitted to pulling the trigger and his mother allegedly gave him the gun,” Humphreys said.

The Investigation

    Humphreys said a 911 caller first reported the shooting at 11:04 p.m. last Tuesday, June 14.

    “When we first arrived, the mother and son told us they had gone to get some ice cream and discovered he had been shot when they returned,” Humphreys said.

    While Joe Davis was flown to the Med, Humphreys said he contacted an MBI officer who also traveled to Memphis early Wednesday morning and was able to interview the family members while deputies worked the crime scene.

    “Based on interviews with the two suspects, we were able to start building a case that led to the arrests,” Humphreys said. Deputies were also  able to recover the handgun used in the crime Friday. The gun was discovered  approximately a half-a-mile from the Davis’ residence, where it had been tossed out of a vehicle.

    Other law enforcement reported by Humphreys during the last the last week includes:

    • Arrested James and Shannon Kendall, County Road 68, for possession of precursors. In an initial appearance in Justice Court Monday, Judge Tippit set a $50,000 on the husband and wife.

    • Arrested Billy Rose Flynn, 34, of Grenada on June 20 and charged her with possession of pseudoephedrine pills and possession of methamphetamine.

    “Our informants reported she was supplying pseudoephedrine pills to meth users in the county,” Humphreys said.

    • Took a report of malicious mischief on County Road 222 on June 8;

    • Took a report of scrap metal missing from County Road 137 on June 9. Four days later they also took a report of larceny from the same residence;

    • Responded  to a child in need  of supervision on  County Road 25 on June 10;

    • Worked a traffic accident on County Road 95 on June 9;

    • Investigated a burglary on County Road 436.

    • Took a report of simple assault on June 16 on County Road 82.

    • Responded  to a harassment call on Hwy. 32 on  June 18.

    • Investigated a burglary on County Road 62. A television was reported stolen.

    • Took a report of two stolen jon boats on County Road 225. The boats  were believed  to have been sold  for scrap metal.


Deputy Receives Minor Injuries In Collision

By David Howell

COFFEEVILLE – A deputy sustained bumps and bruises after being involved in a two-vehicle accident while on patrol in Coffeeville on June 9.

    Sheriff Lance Humphreys told the Herald that Regis Mister was transported  to Baptist Memorial Hospital after his police cruiser was struck  head-on by George Arm-strong.

    “We called the Highway Patrol to investigate the accident,” Humphreys said. Contacting an outside agency is standard procedure when a sheriff’s vehicle is involved in an accident.

    Humphreys said troopers charged Armstrong with D.U.I.

    “His blood-alcohol-content was .18, over twice the legal limit,” Humphreys added.

    “This is just one example of why we have been aggressively pursuing drunk drivers,” the sheriff said. Currently the department has one deputy assigned to D.U.I. enforcement, according to the sheriff. The deputy’s salary is paid by a grant from the Department of Public Safety.


Mail Box Bashing Under Investigation By Sheriff’s Department

By David Howell

WATER VALLEY – A late night mailbox bashing incident last Thursday, June 16, damaged 15 to 20 mailboxes outside of Water Valley.

    Sheriff Lance Humphreys reported the damage occurred on Hwy. 315 and county roads 224, 99, 220 and 98.

    “Our phones were ringing Friday morning when the homeowners discovered the vandalism,” Humphreys told the Herald.

    Several garbage cans were also moved, but none of the cans were damaged.

    “We have evidence including statements that three people from Water Valley were involved in the incident,” Humphreys said.

    The suspects can be  charged with multiple counts of malicious mischief and ordered to pay restitution.

    “We have several victims who have requested community service and restitution, we are still working on this case,” Humphreys added. He urged anyone who had a damaged mailbox  that had not been contacted by deputies to call the department at 473-2722.

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