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Superintendent Bids Farewell In Final Meeting

An emotional Dr. Deborah Moran thanked the community and school district for their support during her year as superintendent in Water Valley. – Photo by Jack Gurner

After her goodbye, Dr. Moran received a round of applause from incoming Superintendent Kim Chrestman, Trustees Casey Washington, Dr. Steve Edwards, Taylor Trusty and (out of frame to right) Pierce Epes and Board President Lamar Burgess.

By Jack Gurner

WATER VALLEY – School Superintendent Dr. Deborah Moran bid an emotional farewell Monday night quoting both Robert Frost and Rascal Flatt during her last meeting with the District Board of Trustees .

In her superintendent’s report, Dr. Moran said that her favorite poem, “The Road Not Taken,” by Robert Frost ends by saying, “I took the road less traveled and that has made all the difference.”

With her voice trembling, Dr. Moran thanked the town and the district “for this opportunity to work and serve you as your Superintendent.”

“I pray that I have left your School District a little bit better than I found it and that I have touched the lives of the faculty and student body in a way that you will be able to remember positively,” she said. “That does not include snow or tornadoes.” The last line drew a laugh from the Board.

“I know that the butterfly effect can be both positive and negative so forgive me if I made a negative impact on your life,” the outgoing Superintendent said, referring to her brief, one-year stay.

“I always did what I thought was best for the students first and then the school.”

Dr. Moran ended by paraphrasing a quote from Rascal Flatts: “My wish for you – Water Valley School District – is that life – education – becomes all that you want it to.”

She leaves the district after completing one year of a two-year contract. She assumed the duties of Superintendent on July 1, 2010, after an eight-month search conducted by the Mississippi School Board Association.

Her resignation was announced at the end of the March Board meeting. Rumors began circulating the weekend before that the superintendent might be leaving after her name appeared on a list of candidates for the position of Superintendent of Education in Hancock County.

She is one of three Republican candidates in the four-person race that includes Alan Dedeaux, current Superintendent.

At the time, Dr. Moran said there were many factors associated with her decision to seek the office. “One is my passion for education. I believe that education is the key to success and I want to continue to give back to the community that my grandchildren will grow up in.

Commenting on her decision to resign, Dr. Moran said in a written statement: “Shortly after moving to the Valley, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. Fortitude has enabled me to continue to strive to meet my obligations to Water Valley School District. Because my family needs me on the coast, I am faced with a very difficult decision to leave Water Valley.”

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