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Report From Alderman Meeting

By Jack Gurner

WATER VALLEY – Delinquent accounts totaling more than $39,000 were taken off the Electric Department’s books at the July meeting of the Board of Aldermen.

The yearly removal is standard procedure, according to Mayor Larry Hart. “We take them off of the main books and put them over on the special collection side. We do work on collecting.”

Last year, when around $22,000 was removed, the Mayor explained that it is difficult to prosecute these cases, each costing about $90 to $100 just to get to court. “By the time you spend that you still don’t have a good address on the person because they have moved and left you holding the bag.”

Among other actions at the July 5 meeting, Aldermen:

• Heard from Main Street Association Director Mickey Howley who told the Board about the three recent statewide awards won by the WVMSA.

Howley explained that Water Valley won in spite of being smaller than many of the Main Street cities since the awards are not broken down by city size. “We’re going up against towns with bigger staffs, bigger revenue,” he said.

He added that the town had won a total of five awards over the past three years and no other town had won three awards in a single year.

Howley praised the Mayor and Board as well as the citizens for their support of the WVMSA. “That makes all the difference in the world in terms of the quality of the projects and how we get things done.”

• Rehired John Crow as the city attorney.

• Declared a piece of City property on Simmons Street as surplus and agreed to advertise it for sale.

Mayor Hart told the board that new residents had purchased the home located on the corner of Wood and Simmons Streets and had also purchased the lot just to the south on Simmons.

In between the lots, according to the old City maps, is an ally about ten feet wide and 90 feet long that separates the two lots. “I certainly think this is a ten-foot wide piece of property that is just surplus to the city,” said Hart. In order to purchase the property, the couple will have to be high bidders.

• Adjourned after meeting for just over 12 minutes.

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